Venus in Scorpio – Love Extreme

Up to the 15th of December, Venus is in the sign of Scorpio creating a specific emotional battlefield, particularly in the lives of emotionally involved people. We may as well feel charged with high emotional voltage and experience outbursts of passion that may be varying between the extremes of Shakespearean love up to the greatest animosity. Emotionally trigger- happy and impulsive, people may feel driven by emotions more than usual, fiercely expressing overwhelming blows of passion in a way that could regret a little later. Edgy and dramatic more than usual, the emotional experience may seem to be life and death issue with the uncompromising gas in intimate relations. Everything seems to be black or white, we may as well feel we want all or nothing even if that’s not in our nature. The taste is somewhat bittersweet, it hurts but we are loving it, grunge is how we vibrate. The call for transformation of the approach with the loving one, the purification through burnout of extreme emotions has to lead to overcoming the old patterns, destroying and recreating. We may feel that we have just had enough. Fed up. Sick and tired. Cutting edge emotion, definite decisions, radical change. What has to be the result of the turmoil of this rolling in the deep is the emotional rebirth. Coming clean by the 15th in all the relationships is the way to go. Then comes the rebirth and we may finally dress up in white of Sagittarius with the diamond of truth we have been cutting in the previous month, seriously thinking of the essence, perspective and the purpose. Seems like the ingenious extremes of impulses provide the essential insight into affairs of the importance and there comes the truth as the bottom line. Make sure you do the homework in the intermezzo of the emotional blitzkrieg that is taking place. Essentially, it is the “Fight Club” film that we take part in, so make sure you examine your own shadow instead of chasing it. Anyway, enjoy the ride.