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Retro Pluto – The Grind

Retro Pluto – May to October Pluto is in retro mode and basically swipes off the old and thus brings the new. Purging of the past, sheding the new skin, testing all that withstands the time. Transition into the pure energu yet going through baptism with fire, transformation caused by the pathology of every day life. The grind that doesn’t spare anyone, where are we running in the face of a dragon spitting fire on the innccent, just and the righteous. How to avoid being devoured by the beast – by being the dragon itself.

2023 the Year of the Cat

2023 the year of the Cat. These Egyptian dieties stand for all the values of mankind that has built the civilization. Cats love home, social gatherings, small talks and in spite of individuality and the need for freedom Cats are loving and devoted partners who love you forever and always find tje way to you. Long walks, all the little happenings, all the nuances of feelings, conveniances and inconveniances, what Cats love the most is a peace of mind and to connect with you on a soul level to communicate about it, Very thoughtful and noble in nature Cats understand without having to speak. Cats are faithful in one’s own way and stand for warm home haven by the fireplace where seek to be loved, The healing of Cats energy washes away the heart so pure with aristocratic royalty. Gentleness and sophistication make Cats love to cuddle and enjoy. In 2023 we’re all Cat- like and the general energy might be rather enjoyable and provide healing for the soul. Smooth relations and harmony is what brings people together and that is what we are waiting for, After this raging Tiger we will be Cats enough to heal the world. Let’s do it!

Astrology the Royal Science

Astrology the Royal Science is not gor sleepers Astrology is for players. In the words of KG Jung “ Until you make the unconscious conscious it will govern your life and you will call it adestiny.”

The mission of Astrology is to make the best version of yourself and make the most of your life. By choosing your path you build your destiny. The stars are there to guide you.