Welcome to the page where you can place your Orders that will be done for you as a custom job without any templates but as your unique Order with respect to your own individuality and originality.

You can choose between following options:

  1. NATAL CHART INTERPRETATION – You have to provide basic data such as date of birth, time of birth and the place of birth to my email above. You will get your report in pdf on 12 pages with your unique interpretation. along with long-term prognosis and focus issues of self-improvement for the sake of accomplishing success and harmony in your life. You will get the interpretation of your key issues in your overall life, past and lessons you have to take in order to accomplish your life goals, purpose and mission. You will get the portrait of your personality from the best possible perspective for the sake of realization of your best potential. The ultimate aim would be becoming the best possible you that you can cut like a rough diamond.  You will get useful advice for successful life, family relations, partnerships and you will be able to understand your position as well as your mission for the sake of accomplishing all aspects of your life in perfect order. You will learn about your karma duty, your ultimate karma task, the interpretation of your social relations with colleagues, friends or family with the special outlook on your partnership and love life with prognosis in the form of important years and long term perspective.  You will get elaborate report on your important cycles along with everything you have to do in order to overcome difficult aspects to bring you troubles. You will get potential solutions for your ongoing battles as well as advice on how to find balance and accomplish the best possible outcome. You will get advice on important states, countries and cities in your life and best possible places to live in. You will get a report on fixed stars that bring you good luck. You will get an outlook on Chinese and Japanese astrology interpretation with useful advice and your levels of destiny.  You will get the full report in the form of the truth about yourself and your life from the perspective of God’s will demanding you to be the best possible you.
  2. NATAL CHART INTERPRETATION – The same as number 1 just a short report in most important points.
  3. PARTNERSHIP REPORT -You have to provide  data of yours as well as of the partner and you will get the full report on 12 pages of all interpersonal relations, karma duty, life cycles, purpose of your contact, weaknesses and advantages, key issues to work on relationship, long-term perspective, potential for successful relations, the interpretation on how important partner is in your life and what areas influences in your life. You will get objective interpretation on how and why you met for the sake of working out the best possible resolution of your relationships as well as the potential relationship. You will get useful advice on how to handle your partnership issues from the perspective of your natal chart as well as synastry charts.  You will get a report on important encounters in your life, important signs, karma signs, best possible signs,  You will get important years in your past as well as your future with special outlook on your love life in general from the perspective of objectivity for the sake of  understanding your nature, tastes, behavior as well as potential for love. You will get evaluation on your partner long term perspective as well as useful advice in love games and relationships. Here is considered a special outlook on KARMA RELATIONSHIPS where is provided an in-depth interpretation of karma cycles and karma lessons as well as the potential for purposeful resolution and karma duty. You will get the truth of your connection and advice on best possible partners for you. You will get accurate assessment on your ideal partner and important years when one might have appeared or will appear in your life. You will get an important advice on what you have to do with yourself in order to accomplish successful relationship and happiness.
  4. PARTNERSHIP REPORT – The same as number 3 just short version on 5=6 pages pdf.
  5. SOLAR CHART INTERPRETATION – You will have to provide basic data, a date, a time and a place of birth as well as the place where you were or plan to be for your birthday. It is annual chart for one year that lasts from birthday to birthday. You will get the full report on a year ahead, potential dangers, potential opportunities and useful advice on what you have to do with yourself in order to accomplish the best possible resolution. You will get interpretation of your current problems, key issues to work on as well as month to month prognosis with important dates. You will get a report when is the best time to start business projects, when to schedule meetings, how to count on, who to be aware of, who to  count on. You will get a report on potentially difficult dates when to avoid important dealings, flights etc. You will get important dates when to organize meetings and when to keep low. You will get a report on outlook of the year, main focus, important accomplishments, your karma duty for the year, what is expected from you and where to focus your energy to. This interpretation is linked to natal chart interpretation and correlates with your overall potential in the Natal Chart.  Solar Chart shows the key points, areas and issues developing throughout the year and the best timing for initiatives as well as best timing for business or love dealings. This report shows karma cycles, important lessons and the main focus of the year. It shows the shuffle of cards for the year for you and how you can get the most of it. Playing is your game on it. Let love rule all you have to do is be smart about it.
  6. LUNAR CHART INTERPRETATION – The same as Solar interpretation just for a month, one particular month or months. It goes on 5-6 pages.
  7. ELECTIONAL  ASTROLOGY – If you have a particular project, enterprise or business, real estate dealings, weddings or important contracts to sign we can make a unique chart of the event and interpret the perspective, timing as well as useful advice on the issue. You might get a report on fixed stars and you might get suggestions for special names of your important projects such as companies according to fixed stars for the best possible good luck.


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