Astrological Overview of the Director’s Mind

Director’s mind considers the sublimation of talents and skills, at first organizational, undoubtedly psychological, since in the very root of the director’s way of thinking is psychological approach. Then comes the ability of proper research, realistic perception of life and the artistic gift, that provides the poetics of an artistic value. Additionally, higher spirituality is desired in order that the ultimate outcome would have implying or apparent moral message or at least interpretation of life phenomena. Since directors are often screenplay or theatre play writers, there has to be a writing talent and there has to be a touch of originality providing strong individualism of poetic imagery of the film or a play. All that requires powerful positions of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.


The task of directing is to complete the scenario in a way to express what is between the lines, by the poetics that is basically the individal act of the director. In contemporary civilization, subsided by the astrological symbolism, director’s mind is within the range of most powerful in comparison to all artistic and not only artistic calls, thus considering great names that has left memorable traces in the artistic world, whose masterpieces represent studies about life and valuable works of art.

This research is conveyed on a sample of around dozen directors, but, as you will see, there is an incredible number of positions of planets that respond to a perfectly developed system or a scheme of parallelism in astrological terms. Great director, you would agree, has to be a great man.


In relation to the above, we are starting from Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of celebrities and certainly not accidentally, since the majority of them, in the symbolism of this planet, are highly spiritual, ethical personalities, having high criteria in life thus setting to everybody else. They are inspired by universal themes, highly educated essentially turned towards general improvement of life, evolution and raising the level of consciousness. Of course, they are worldly known, they are noble, setting higher moral standards all in the symbolism of Jupiter, so naturally this planet is very prominent in their horoscopes. As if by the rule, Lights are in aspect with it.

The symbolism of cinematography is represented by Neptune, so that all film creators generally have it prominent over 10th, 6th, 5th, 3rd house, in conjunction with the ruler of horoscope, in aspect with the Lights, Mercury, Mars, along with the planets in Pisces.

It is widely held that movie directing is in the symbolism of Uranus that represents camera, photography, electronics, technology but also organization as well as production. Not only Uranus, but this very planet has to have strong aspects and be prominent in natal chart so as to allow the individual enter the field of directing. Uranus also represents high intelligence so that it is additional reason for its prominent position in a chart, often in aspect with Lights, Mars, over M.C., 6th house, along with planets in Aquarius.

However, in order to have a supreme director’s mind there should be speculative power of sublimation represented as the practical mind and flawless sense of reality, all in the symbolism of Saturn, that is due to provide control over the course of the production of a film, and it is, as if by the rule, very powerful in a director’s chart. This strong-positioned Saturn makes all these people superior and powerful people. It is mostly positioned over the 3rd, 6th house, in aspect with the Lights, Mercury along with planets in Capricorn. It seems that „strong Saturn“ is the condition in order to have realistic perception as well as to make a point and provide a sense of the story, but also the power of control to unify all the elements of the production. Systematic way of thinking and essentials of the story as if interpreted as with a moral, voice of reason or an ethical standard. Coordination, management, control, beside Uranus in the symbolism of directing.


Everything that has been said implies to a conclusion that the power of the director’s mind is expressed by the symbolism of planets that represent the importance of a director’s persona. But that is not all.

The realization of great ideas and talents but also conveying the hard machinery of production is impossible without the „strong Mars“, as executive, motion energy so that it is often in Leo, Aquarius, Capricorn, in aspect with Sun, as the ruler of the 6th house, in trine with Uranus, Saturn, Neptune…

What is of the essential value and importance is the talent for psychology and research that is in the base of the director’s way of thinking, since directing is in a way applied psychology. There has to be such talent there in order to have a masterpiece on the screen. It is interesting that Moon is often in Scorpio (psychology, research), generally „strong Scorpio“, Pluto and the 8th house.

Notably, Moon is often on M.C. and that is understandable as well as the Lights in Virgo that provide success, consciousness on a high level and analysis of the supposed matter. Talents for screenwriting and skillful usage of words.

It is understood that such planetary structure in a natal chart you can find only in the case of supreme minds, that directors most certainly are. All in all, there are matches in almost all samples. That implies to a complexity and greatness of a director’s mind that, as such, represented by astrological symbolism, explains great achievements on the big screen.

More of the research in the book “Astrology and Self-Improvement