Astrology on the Art of Acting

 Acting talent is a rare gift and you may say that it represents a multi-dimensional art. In the first place, there is a talent for psychology, that is crucial for “entering a character”, represented by the presence of Scorpio in the natal chart. Then, sophisticated sensitivity that allows empathy and the sense for nuances, represented by Water signs, unavoidable sense for drama, represented by Leo which is crucial and denotes very rare dramatization gift as well as the ability of performance and stage act. Non-the-less important is the need for play and vividness, ability of transformation-all in the symbolism of Gemini along with the Uranian dynamics of the need for experimentation, exhibitionism and versatility.

The presence of Mutable signs is of the extreme importance due to the very nature of transition from character to character that are being performed with easiness and without deeper consequence. Of course, Neptunian illusion, the supreme skill of illusionism and the magic of creating the character on the scene are unavoidable moments in the horoscopes of great actors. They are all children of Jupiter, WINED by Venus with unavoidably strong Saturnian sense for reality and sobriety of an objective observer. All of that makes a good actor.


Further ahead, we conveyed a little research on a sample of thirty-some worldly most popular actors and actresses and as a result we got all mentioned above as present in their horoscopes. By systematization we derived following conclusions.


I – Planets in Gemini and Leo – In the first place there is a well known characteristic common to all the artists that find their expression in acting and that is a need for play, fun and new knowledge all in the symbolism of Gemini, what most of books suggest is the most needed characteristics in order that individual let oneself into the area. Versatility, vividness, curiosity, variability and easiness of transformation are descriptions of this sign. Of course, along with the planets in Leo, that describe that formal aspect of the profession, and that is the art of dramatization, stage act, inclination to being exposed and joy of it, as well as the need for fun and self-exposure.

II – Water signs particularly Pisces, Scorpio – The presence of the Water signs is particularly important for the qualitative reasons that imply to sophisticated sensibility, sensitivity and compassion, i.e. empathy as one of the most important conditions in order that an actor create and perform a role successfully. Emotions are the way of reaching wisdom since Pisces endorse individuals with great understanding, fantastic sensibility and very often hyper-sensibility that is capable of sensing and recognizing the finest nuances of the personality. In order to completely “feel” the presupposed character, an individual has to have planets in the Water signs. Scorpio describes emphasized sensibility but also implies a phenomenal talent for the psychological insight into characters and personalities which makes many of them actors and actresses of the supreme quality.

III – Strong Neptune, aspects with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars over the 10th, 5th, 2nd, 7th house – Similar to the planets in Pisces, Neptune implies to the supreme sensibility, talents, that fine glaze in shaping the character, flexibility and softness of approach, as well as immense imagination. Strong Neptune is directly denoting high vibrations of perception and sophisticated quality of emotions and dreams, unavoidable in mentioned fields, especially in the horoscopes of movie stars. All is there, a touch of idealism, fancy and imagination to grasp the metaphysics of all the characters and perform the authenticity of reality of the given characters thus providing magic. All is under authority of Neptune itself, tuning in, the perfect lie, materialized illusion in the function of truth. Apart from that, Neptunian is the big screen.

IV – Planets in Aquarius, Uranus in aspect with Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars – Notably, the unavoidable element in horoscopes of all the actors, due to the involvement of media, due to already mentioned urge for experimentation, exhibitionism and dynamics, that are essentially the embodiment of the call. The Mutable signs also denote the flexibility of the individual and ability to switch characters with easiness, which altogether describes the actor as a personality that strives for a change, new experiences, innovations and discoveries. It is very often the sign of ingenious mind. Additionally, Aquarius and Uranus provide a sense of originality and authenticity, so that, high profile actors are very unique individuals capable of interpreting characters in an original way thus attaching that special color in the embodiment of the imaginary character, showing their particular individualism, which makes them superstars in the first place. It is a matter of freedom, that special idiosyncrasy of the poetic mind in one’s perception of the given character and the performance of their reality. It is important that Aquarius and Uranus provide a sort of flying through the serial of roles and personalities as a form of personal exhibitionism, with no real attachment, but easiness of experimentation and play. The accent is on a research of one’s own individuality and demonstration of one’s own personal seal that provides the outline of the role character.

V – Jupiter in aspect with Sun, Moon over the 6th, 10thThe role of Jupiter in horoscopes of celebrities is pretty much clear since Jupiter stands for famous people and most certainly plays the key role. In order to achieve the success in public and have the reputation of a celebrity, one needs to perform the utmost quality on the spiritual level in the first place. Spirituality, nobility, grace, ethics and morality has to be on a super-high level in order to become eligible to be gracious. Fame considers the existence of a role model, a figure masses can look up to in their quest for self-improvement and spirituality. The basic concept is entirely Jupiterian representing high level of consciousness basically. Astrologically, Jupiter on M.C. is called “the royal Jupiter” for a good reason, or in conjunction with the Lights, makes them great people apart from being great artists. Namely, the examples are:


VI – Strong Venus in aspect with the Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mars over the 6th, the 10thThe planet of beauty, grace and art logically strong in the horoscopes of great actors. Venus doesn’t need a lot of explanation since the planet of love and esthetics bestows great men with great sensibility, emotional perceptiveness and emotional intelligence so that they are able to feel and sympathize in the process of creating a character; non-the-less oriented to love as a state of mind and that special higher aspiration marked with dedication to beauty and art.

VII – Strong III house, Strong Saturn, planets in Capricorn, Virgo –

In order that the complete scene act and acting itself be convincing and realistic, the important thing is reality frame, great actor has to have, meaning that there has to be a objective, critical attitude towards the undertaken role, when earthly elements of Capricorn and Virgo are emphasized, as the capability of grasping the realism of some particular state of mind. That is the matter of being great mind and great actor at the same time.

What is also very noticeable in the horoscopes of great actors and actresses as well as many other celebrities is the ruler of the 7th in conjunction with Sun, the ruler of M.C. in the 7th and similar that the majority of the examined have. Also, typical “actor’s Saturn” is Saturn in the12th that represents the character that is deep hidden inside in the reality of “deeper shade” of a character, meaning that they are closed enough to preserve themselves, at the same time performing various exhibitions of their outer playful personality.

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