Pandora’s box – Revelation Time

We are witnessing the configuration known as Pandora’s box right now in the sky, that consists of triple Yod of planets. Yod is considered to be God’s finger and this particularly refers to Gemini, Scorpio and Aries, however we all may have revelation moments of truth and insight into recent but also distant past that may flash back in front of our eyes. The unresolved issues from the deep unconsciousness burst into the consciousness and we suddenly become aware of ourselves, the truth is hitting us right in the face. Scorpios learn their lessons, Gemini realize the truth  along with the blessings they have in their lives and get uplifted while Aries actually do something that has larger significance than they think at least for the time being. Since we all have planets somewhere , for those positioned around the 10th degree is the inner awakening from the mesmerizing confusion of the recent and distant happenings that actually begin to shape up all of a sudden. Thus we get the answers for so many unanswered questions if we take time to consider what has been troubling us. If we dive into the heart of the matter thus trying to grasp the essence, we will realize the truth about ourselves and our behavior and no matter how heavy that may seem, what lies in the bottom of Pandora’s box is the hope to guide us. Mars initiates some action possibly in some form of the reward, Moon in Virgo draws us into analysis while Saturn is conveying the message of what is to be done in order that we purify our karma and learn the valuable lesson. Since Saturn may seem to be on top of this configuration, maturing on some important issue, within the area of life, of the significance in natal chart, results in establishing new criteria and raising awareness in general.  Virgos and Capricorns are also included in the big picture of Pandora’s drive for knowledge and consciousness expansion with the aim of reaching the ultimate truth about themselves . Within the frame of self-preservation, personal energetic potential  and wisdom that represent our personal power, what seems to be the lesson is exactly  recognizing and accepting the set of rules of life we sooner or later abide by. The truth sets us free enough to overcome the boundaries but also to set up our own limitations with respect to the “holy trinity” of self-love,  self-respect and self-control. Self-improvement  for the sake of becoming  a better person seems to be the right way to happiness.   Accepting responsibility and holding a more serious attitude to relevant issues of interest lead to more successful accomplishments in life. Only then we are capable of fulfilling the purpose. The forgiveness purifies the soul and after all what keeps us going is the hope of deliverance.