May of Revolution

High charge of Uranus-Pluto square and the taste of revolution in the air. A temperate bomb of the inner pressure and the drive for overturn,  living on the edge. High voltage but the inability to speak. Saturn in Scorpio is holding back the fire. Smoke on the water. Get wiser, dig deeper. You gotta change the frame of the game. Get  down. When you hit the bottom line, the only way is up. Time to grasp the essence of your burning issue. It’s got to be a diamond or else you won’t break on through. Your eager urge to oppose, to confront, to rebel is just the reflection of your inner conflict. No more but you’ve got to know how. Life is a set of rules. Learn them. Time to get wiser. Sooner or later we play by the rules. Or else you suffer till you figure out the way. The principle is universal. Do not make  mistakes if you want to get there. Think. You need to be a player out of this. Only then when you learn the rules like a pro you are allowed to break them like the artist. Picasso. Performing brilliance lifestyle. When you know exactly what you are doing, you can’t beat the feeling. Worth a shot.

 Turbulent times. Two eclipses and sudden overturns. Frequent seismic activity of your personality. Get used to it. You’ve got to be a pro and avoid overreacting. Saturn is holding you back anyway. Pain. Karma. Learn your lesson. What are you doing wrong. Get real. See through lies and deceit. Liberate from all the illusions of your self-comfort. Overcome the self-indulging impulse and stick to the facts. Grasp the truth about yourself and break free. You might feel the revolution in the air but the point is that the truth is the only revolutionary act for the time being. Face it.