Regulus in Virgo

There are four Royal Fixed stars in the sky, the Four Guardians of Heaven during the Persians, and at the same time the brightest stars of Milky Way Galaxy:
1. Aldebaran (2000: 9Gem 47), “Right Bull’s Eye”, named “Archangel Michael – Watcher of the East”, once associated with spring equinox.
2. Regulus (2000: 29Leo50), “Lion’s Heart”, named “Archangel Raphael – Watcher of the North”, once associated with summer solstice.
3. Antares (2000: 9Sag46), “The Heart of a Scorpion”, named “Archangel Oriel – Watcher of the West”, once associated with autumn equinox.
4. Formalhaut (2000: 3Pis52), “The Fish’s Mouth” or “The Eye of the Fish”, named “Archangel Gabriel – Watcher of the South”, once associated with winter solstice.
Although they are fixed stars and they always belong to their original constellations, they seem to be moving slowly, watching from the Earth. Namely, they transit each sign of Zodiac for more than 2000 years. It takes 72 years for a fixed star to move for one degree, due to a phenomenon of precession i.e. orbital motion of the Earth. Those are considered to be oscillations of the Earth axis. The signs of Zodiac represent the path of Sun, watching from the Earth, which is divided into twelve known signs. That path is called the Ecliptic.
The fixed star Regulus, within the constellation of Leo, known as “The Lion’s Heart”, due to the precession, is seemingly moving from the sign of Leo into the sign of Virgo after more than 2000 years, taking into consideration the Ecliptic, i.e. watching from the Earth. Regulus continues to be a star of constellation Leo, it is just seemingly moving into the sign of Virgo since the geocentric astrological mechanism shows Regulus as a part of Virgo 0 degrees, due to the Earth’s axial movement.
There is certain symbolism in the movement of Regulus from the sign of Leo into the sign of Virgo. This star is also called “The little King” and as a star of constellation Leo represents male principle, hence the apparent movement into the sign of Virgo, emphasizes the female principle so that there is a sort of change in the collective archetype as well as collective consciousness. Essentially, there is a switch from ego centered point of view to a reasonable tendency for self-improvement and personal development issues as the basic necessity for accomplishing life goals. Namely, the incoming time announces a conscious workout on personality issues as a more massive necessity as the expression of a personal and professional development issues for the sake of general progress. Raising awareness on the issues such as protection of the environment, ecology, health care or nourishment, for instance, is exactly in the symbolism of this transit. Cultural imperatives are also getting into the spotlight as the issues of the highest importance and necessity by means of spiritual awakening, self-improvement, cultivation and ennobling the mind. In spite of the mechanisms of material reality.The year 2012 was generally important considering the breakthrough on a spiritual level, raising the collective level of consciousness and there has to be a general turning point at perception of reality in the sense of raising a perspective. The question of evolution is getting into the spotlight and we are witnesses of incoming time that has to have a result in greater choosing abilities and enhanced responsibility for one’s own destiny.