Water Snake of 2013 – The Harvest

ouroborosThe year of the Water Snake 2013 according to the Chinese zodiac is in full swing and we most certainly witness important overturns and changes in our lives. Along with Saturn in Scorpio, it seems to be drastic and important. Knowing that or not, there is an underlying message of the utmost importance to our general well-being and prosperity. The direction of movement is most certainly turbulent like of the roller coaster, the swings of trends tend to develop into a logical resolution from the perspective of wisdom.

Namely, the year of the Snake is executive karmic power of the previous 12 year cycle and you may say that we are all in some sort of a checking-up  point. Now, do we have the passport, that is the question. The previous 12-year cycle pretty much reflects the experience, there is no coincidence in sudden overturns, blows of faith, ultimate breakthroughs. For all the people that has been playing by the rules, working hard and doing the right things in their previous cycle, there is an important tendency of growth, success, revelation, accomplishment. For all of you, this is the year of the unique reward that has to reflect in your business, social life or love. However, for all the misjudgments, mistakes or trespasses we experience some sort of a karmic event of the utmost significance. Well, someone might just teach us a lesson or we may experience some sort of loss, but that should only provide the insight into  the big picture, a preferable perspective in the first place.

Riding high. They say, when someone is being born in the year of the Snake, the family prospers. That age is energetically very powerful and brings a lot of good energy, cash or well-being in the surrounding. When the Snake gets employed, there’s going to be more cash in the company. You guess right, the year of the Snake endows people with potential and ability to influence financial flows. Of course, you have probably all experienced that people in the year of the Snake just are not the ones to turn to when we need a loan or a favor, but if you manage to find the mutual interest, the Snake will invest in you. From that point of view, in the year of the snake, financial flows really switch in the favor of those who have earned it. Through hard work and high professionalism. Don’t be mistaken, Snake is all about aristocracy, high professionalism, elite, eminence and wealth, you have probably noticed that these people always mingle among the powerful  or are powerful themselves. Somehow, they either give or take away the power and are on the checking-up points where they channel some sort of a Harvest. The world is getting sped up, everything is available, life demands seem to be higher, everybody knows everything, you need to be a tough professional if you want to beat the competition. No mistakes allowed. Regulus in Virgo. The urge for self-improvement up to perfection. Only then you are in the game.  And the Snake lets you in. The year of the snake.

However, if you get tricked by one, it is probably what you deserve  for some reason. Such is the year of the snake. You might experience the love to remember this year, but hey, be careful there, it is not accidental at all and it is a karmic development for sure. Think about what is the hidden message and why you have met. You will most certainly find out the reason soon enough. Reward or a lesson, you will figure out.  If you seem to get tricked in any way, it is probably because you haven’t played your cards right at some point and the ultimate aim of the karmic situation is your personal karmic purification. Remember, karma is all about self-improvement, becoming a better person and setting yourself free. Free from prejudice, fear or pain. The inner limitations create outer ones. Freedom is the natural result of the complex process of this intelligent workout and the only way to happiness.  Life is a set of rules, for all that have played accordingly this harvest is the one to remember.