Venus in Libra – When Love is at Home


Venus in Libra is famous for a pure heart. Great vibe in the month ahead, a lot of sophisticated plasure on the micro plan in the colliding world of karmic burnout and cross-examination of all the systems there are whereupon at least one thing is for sure – we’re allowed to feel good about ourselves and find peace with everybody in our lives. In spite of harsh reality of Saturn – Pluto Square and Mars Opposition when you might be exposed to turnovers and reality bites in some 20 days from now in the light of a test development checking-up point, Venus in Libra will find joy in little things and surround you with love. Venus in Libra would be diplomatic enough to sweet-talk you out of the mess. Venus in Libra will harmonize all the relations thus raising awareness on what’s precious and most important value of all. The supreme sensibility. Elegance and comfort. True love. After all, now and forever like when love is at home. 

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