Retro Mercury in Scorpio – Profiling

Time for introspection. Dive within realms and depths of the soul and find the truth about yourself. Update the information, reboot the system, dig out the essence like a diamond out of your shadow and face the truth about yourself. Search for the missing pieces of the puzzle and do the profiling of everybody involved in the game. Lucid and precise, sharp and intelligent Mercury in Scorpio will reveal the most hidden truths and surgically bisect them. It is time to make an outlook on psychological profiling by taking a step back in the game and thinking through everybody’s motives, mostly identifying  your own. This powerful force will provide a fuel for winning the fight and securing the victory in the game of life. Just like a Scorpio never give up and fight your way through the valley of shadows. The Retro Mercury will help you shed the light on the darkest corners of the soul and bring about the truth you will have to face. About yourself as well as everybody else. You might have an attitude it’s all or nothing game set and you might run around in pretty much black-and-white paradigm clearly making out the paths of good and evil. Choose a side and stick to it. Whatever you do have Faith it’s not a matter of life and death although it might seem to be so. You might turn into a real detective for all you want to search through. and check out how the things stand in your Book. What it really takes with this Retro Mercury in Scorpio is just a little bit of Profiling. 

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