Full Moon in Pisces – Finding God


The upcoming Full Moon in Pisces might awaken the instincts and bring about the feeling of weight of the world upon your back. Keep in mind that the pearl of wisdom is hidden in depths of the soul where you will be challenged to sense God’s will from and that is exactly a little reminder of where you are heading to. Endless tears of Pisces might wash away your soul enough to clear your heart and connect it with the divine purpose by understanding the God’s will . At best. You will be challenged to face the Masterplan at least as of the prevailing sense of direction. Let your soul guide your heart. This Full Moon will provide the Divine pearl of wisdom in your soul if you are on the right track. If not, it is a call from heaven to live your own truth and make out the way through a web of lies, trickery and manipulation by providing a way out to disillusionment. Wake up to realize if your dreams are well aligned with God’s Masterplan and your own truth. At least you will find the answer in the prevailing emotion of this Full Moon. Pray and play.

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