Moon in Scorpio – Fierce Impulses


For a few days now, the hectic Moon in Scorpio is bringing up the fierce impulses in the battle on all or nothing. Try to soothe your soul burning with passion within the extreme amplitudes sharpening your killer instinct. Well, if you manage to cool off the ride on this rollercoaster you will realize there is pure love of mild Venus underneath that provides guidance and comfort. As long as Mars in Aries cuts through the chase. Sun in Virgo places the bet on words so make sure you express yourself openly and directly for you just might get what you want. This domineering energy of fierce impulses wins when presented from the position of power. However make sure your words are being refined Virgo style for if you manage to keep your posture and spill out your thuth, Jupiter might bring you good luck with it. Whatever move you make now it’s in the long run.

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