The Lion’s Gate


Soon, on 8th August the Orion constellation aligns with the pyramid of Giza whereupon the Star Sirius seems to glow in its full power close to Earth as a Lions gate and we’re getting to a point where the jeart of a lion starts roaring enough to shake the chills off the spine playing with a bow and arrow and liberate the soul from all the limitations thus enabling the heart shine in its full glory. Cause the heart is where all the wisdom dwells and the intuition of the soul of Leo is the invincible reality of the star before the lion’s gate right at the door of the new life. Embrace the truth of your heart, Be brave to purge all your demons and celebrate the golden victory pf the free heart guided by the soul of the warrior. For this time around the light of the holy fire strikes right from the heart. In the season of Leo. Liberate and stay pure to pass through a Lions gate. Wisdom is free for everybody. You might become endowed wuth glory. Reclaim your power. Be free with your love. You were born to be a star. Shine.



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