Full Moon in Taurus – The Soul Power


Blue Moon in Taurus at its exaltation on Uranus eneegizes the soul vibration thus making us get in touch with a soul and everything we actually feel, know and think. It’s one of those rare occasions when it all fades away thus facing us with what the soul knows best. It is time for forgiveness, time for understanding, time for sensing the reality. K. Jung says the prevailing emotion in the dream is the reality of your life. So is of this Full Moon. Let the soul guide your heart. Whole lotta soul. The Soul Power. 

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2 thoughts on “Full Moon in Taurus – The Soul Power”

  1. “The full moon in Taurus is a very fertile time to release, revise, and plant seeds for the future,” astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. And even though this full moon falls during a particularly chaotic time of month, it’s bringing us positivity. “This sensual luminary occurs during Mercury retrograde, which means we will deep dive into healing the past — also, learning from past mistakes and amending them for the future.”

  2. The twelve signs of the zodiac, along with the planets in our solar system, influence our consciousness with these principles. Each full moon celebration at Meditation Mount gives us an opportunity to focus our attention on these universal principles and to experience within the group field the spiritual energies as they move down into our conscious awareness.

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