Venus in Aries – Lady Bruce Lee


The Venus being the synonym for a fighter would be Venus in Aries. Much of a fighter.  Straight-forward, direct, bossy, provocative, fierce yet full of fire burning for a good cause. Aries rules the head so the key of winning this kind of girl would be to face with man first who has got to make you pass. Ardent and dominant Venus in Aries fights like a Bruce Lee and loves with a pury childlike heart. Venus in Aries never grows up yet keeps the spirit of a  Tom boy irresistible to everybody. Now we all get to be a little bit like that. However, proceed with caution for Venus in Aries hits you directly and honestly to test your courage, intelligence and manhood. Venus in Aries has no shame or prejudice but goes well along with the fire. This can be exciting month ahead full of passion and challenges on the battlefield. Venus in Aries is never boring yet dynamic and spicy so as your loe life can be in the month to come. We suggest you being straight up with Venus in Aries with no fiul play for this Venus never lies and always wins with arguments. If you like the girl with a bow-tie, all Venuses might look alike this time around, you will have memorable moments of having a girl friend who treats you like a guy and that’s exactly how Venus in Aries wants to be treated, Get ready for battlefield and make room for a Lady Bruce Lee.

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