Saturn Square Uranus – In the Paranoid World Be a Genius

The very essence of the paranoid mind might often be the inability to unite two extremely opposite views and perspectives. However, there often lies the potential for complete objectivity if united into one ingenious outlook. What is stopping us? Within the very root of paranoia is underlying fear – the fear of shaken ego that produces projections that should comfort the weakness by inducing illusions for the sake of defending the position and justifying wrong moves of the past thus creating self-destructive individuality basically competing with oneself. The world is being shaken with underlying fear moving within the extreme points of view completely opposite essentially whereupon the only resolution would be facing the truth and building up the Neitschean point of view beyond good and evil, overcoming the past and uniting opposites into one integrated world view that allows you to reach the top. There is a thin line between madman and genius who knows the difference – when it comes to the extremely opposite perspectives of mass schizofrenia don’t go both ways but unite them into one complete world view.  Then you will overcome self-destruction yet you will be able to play all the games out there and you will speak all the languages. Spin the diamond on top of your head and smile like a dragon, The new world resolution is waiting for you. The world is a stage, face the truth, integrate and show your face!

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