Planetary mashup – Wild is the Beat


In the light of Saturn Square Uranus and general pressure in the business world there is only one thing left to do – get wild enough to defend and maintain the position of power however small it might be. On the planetary power- mongering games everybody wants a piece of power for the energetical well-being basically depends on it. Deterime your goal, make a clear vision of your ultimate aim and sharpen up for the next year of Tiger when all of us will be swimming along with beasts in the jungle. The times has come when you are either being on the menu or you feed up the appetite of the power hunger impulses. Adler the famous psychotherapist established the will for power long time ago as the psychological category and basically it is of the essential human impulse that is now being put into spotlight. It is true, everybody wants the piece of power just some are desperate to get it. Besr in mind that true power lies in knowledge and wisdom and spiritual awakening based in the search for the truth. They say there is nobody more dangerous than somebody who thinks with their own mind and who wants to save the world, be that somebody for there lies the fair chance of really maling it on a global scale. Uniting for higher purpose justifies the power quest and all those incorporated souls who make the world a better place are the ones who really make the change. Still, this time around people in power are misusing all of us for their cause yet remember when the cycle closes all of us tigers for a good cause will be riding high and that would as soon as next year, Just wait a little bit longer for our time when we will be having our piece of cake. Within the ongoing planetary clinch, protect and defend yourself for Wild is the Beat.

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