Venus in Aquarius – Alice in Wonderland


Now that Venus turns into Aquarius is the exciting new playground for everybody who likes to be always and never the same. It is the time for exhibitionism, extravaganza with respect to all the whimsical impulses driving you to live to the fullest all of your individualistic, capricious desires and emotions thus having the wonderland of your own. I want it all and I want it now. Feel free to play with the white rabbit yet keep in mind it is a game you win when you solve the puzzle of yourself. Everything might seems to be elusive or extraordinary, your shape-shifting would be the exciting ride into a new world of creativity and wisdom whereupon days of glory will be waiting for you if you play your cards right. That dream might as well be very real for it is the only reality you have right now and forever after so dream awake and realize how important it is to intergrate it into one star of your soul. Now that everything is allowed and possible, play safe and remember not to be afraid for everything is just a pack of cards. All you have to do is have an Ace. Life tastes a little bit like Alice in Wonderland. Have fun!


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