Mars in Gemini – Playing for The Sake of a Game


The upcoming transit of Mars in Gemini is a new, fresh energy that energizes the child to play. The message of this Mars would be the life motto such as Life is a Game anyway, whether you get it or not. Whether Entertainment would be the ultimate drive or you are ambitious enough to make it, whether you struggle to survive or you are on your way to pull out the next project, make sure you are being a Pro if you wanna be a winner. If you are talented and if you  can make people happy, healthy, successful, educated or rich doing, the world is yours. Why not have a little fun with it along the way. However, the most important game you’re playing would be the game with your own shadow for the ultimate success would be the outcome only if you know what you are doing. As long as you do, as long as you are being creative, interactive as long as you are gathering information and communicate by expressing what’s most inportant to you as well as exchanging dynamic energy of social interacting in the media you are on the right track of making sense with your playing for the sake of a game. Be a winner.

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