Aquarius time – We just want to be Free


Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter , Saturn all packed in Aquarius. Well needless to say babies just want to be free. In the era of relativity of all the concepts, all the systems there are, one thing is for sure – we’ve come a long way and we know what’s best for us yet we face the  distortion of God’s idea and the shift of black and white, misplaced thesis and world’s turnover into a sort of a shake-up of everything we know and everything we believe within deliberately provoked chaos that lead us to the edge of common sense. It is a  sort of an endurance test yet the establishment of built-up civilization has got proven and checked standards to discard the utopistic disguise and diabolic manipulation. Fear, complexes, fixations, prejudice now need to be cleared and peace and love restored yet only through Faith in God and intensive self-improvement. We want our lives back. It  seems to me as if history repeating whereupon it will come to the lyrics of the song – They fought the Law and the Law won.  The Law is God. We will just have to choose a side and keep safe and sound until that happens. Meanwhile we guard our dream of Freedom. One day it will be a reality. Freedom comes from within. We just want to be free. 



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