The Year of the Green Horse



this is your wake up call

Life has a strange ways of settling the score and that’s exactly what we have been through in the past12 months. It was a unique checking-up point where we should have just shown the passport to get through. Either You have actually drunk that whiskey or You might have been forced to learn the rules of the game. Anyhow, after being hypnotized by Snake-like, karmic energy that has squeezed the life juice out of us for the sake of learning a valuable lesson, we should have drawn the line and preferably grasped the big picture. When You hit the bottom line, the only way is up. Exactly to a saddle of the focused, determined and liberating Green Horse that has got the clear outlook on what is to be done. Hopefully, after paying the dues, You should just pick up the pieces and ride straight ahead. Everything seems to shape up now providing a clear overview of the state of the matters on the threshold of the new cycle. You might as well face the reality of the discrepancy of what You have got inside and what You get from life, so make sure You send a message loud and clear of who You are by means of all-necessary accurate communication and adequate deeds. The Horse is focused on it’s own impulses more than anything and being generally independent to a measure of considering freedom an imperative, You might as well be inclined to face Yourself and figure out what You can do for Yourself in order to feel good. This year of the Horse is a unique wake-up call in order to shake You up a little and remind You of what You have wanted in the first place some time when You realized Your own dreams. The accent is on individuality and freedom of choice, moreover of the awareness that future is Yours as long as You recognize the will of God. Life is a battlefield where only by synchronizing Your most intimate urge with fair playing You become a winner for a lifetime. The Year of the Horse is a challenge of facing that most intimate urge for the sake of realizing sheer individuality and becoming a realized personality. The Horse knows what he wants and reaches out for it without letting people interfere so make sure You abstract all the influences and bring out to the surface Your true inner self that seeks to shine, particularly starting from July when Jupiter enters Leo strengthening and exposing the inner self. Now is the time to be true to oneself. Individuation process demands facing one’s own inner self as well as self-improvement towards the achievement of realization of one’s own true self. Raising consciousness along the way considers overcoming circumstances thus being at peace with who You are. And always keep in mind that in the movie called life God is a director and before His eyes we are all superstars. Now is the time to show it. Ride high!