Grand Cardinal Cross

All is a matter of self-improvement. Working out a way through the valley of shadows. Life.

Feels like a crucifixion. All that you know is being challenged.  All you wanna do is wrong. Grand Cardinal  Cross of Uranus Pluto Mars and Jupiter calls for awakening of common sense. You ride on the energy of Green Horse, heading for the ultimate aim, however,  slow down and take a look on the inside. Growing discrepancy between your will and the circumstances may lie in your own behavioral patterns hidden in the unconscious that you need to set free from first. Liberation. Raising awareness of the concepts of self improvement for the sake of overcoming inner mechanisms that are standing on your way. The greatest sophistication lies in simplicity and that is the way to go. It is an accomplishment. Peace. Requires a little self-analysis and self-awareness. Purify the shadow, bring in the light. They say the greatest luxury is the sofa, a cup of tea and the book. Information, philosophy, art. How about taking care of your own personal well-being starting from the inside. There it’s at. Just by purifying your own thought, action and deeds you get in the position to get what you want. Self-realization is the long way of passing through the tunnel in order to reach the light. Freedom is like jazz. Live to be free enough to live your own individuality like jazzers do. Expressing their own personal idiosyncrasies in perfect harmony thus producing the music. Become an entity. Find yourself.

Everyone is original. Preserve. Jupiter in Cancer calls for awakening of the traditional values making sure we don’t lose our way but also raising awareness on the past and the issues in the personal history. Releasing from the past is a task that requires comprehension and  forgiveness. Forgive them all and forgive yourself. Appreciation and faith. With upcoming Jupiter in Leo you will soon enough be in a position to show your face, step on the scene and let the heart lead enough to be safe. Examine the fears, prejudice or guilt. The burden you can do without. Release the baby from pressure. Find your state of mind. You want to be free.

Only then you reach success. Only then you find love.                            

Generation gap. The East and the West. Culture. Responsibility. Faith.

Learn the rules, examine the options, recognize the opportunities.

Determinism of  Pluto and Indeterminism of Uranus. Master plan.

Mars in Libra – Find the balance.