Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – Behind the Scenes


behind the scenes

As we speak, there is a Scorpionic lunar eclipse in the sky conjoined with karmic Saturn in the frame of almost aligned Cardinal cross. This edgy mash-up in the sky gravely provokes basic instincts of cutting edge impulses.  The slap of reality right in the face shakes up the basis of your system calling for grasping the big picture. All seems to be framed in the black and white paradigm, the drive is to cut through the chase, grasp the essence, choose a side and break free from the self-imposed limitations. Now is the time to step behind the scenes and figure out one’s own limitations as well as the boundaries of ultimate self-expression and realization. Still, there are some lessons to put up with, some karma coins that you should have earned along  the way that you can use for the credit in the payback development that you experience right now. We all have a cross to bear and if you make an overview of your past a little, you will discover that every possible trespass now comes back at you.  If you feel like you’re in the circle of repetitive cycles revealing the same old story all over again, you might as well think through the outer and inner limitations that are the reflection of your reality. If you feel like the last drop that made the cup overflow, so trigger-happy that you just want to make short cuts, now is the time for a change. Life is a set of rules, learn them because  stepping behind the scenes reveals   that the Almighty director sets up the stage just the way you need in order to make sure you learn your lesson. Scorpio is fierce waving its sting like a sward but also lucid enough to provide answers for the long-lasting grievances that now produce highlighted pressure of the ultimate fight for what you want. Analyze the plot, detect the truth. Scorpio is exactly the Sherlock who sees through every trick. Now is the time to dig into the matter and pass the Scorpionic test that life has set upon you. Things are not just what they seem to be. Figure out your role and just play along. It is the time to take over  the control, make sure you show your passport. The game is yours, you want that director’s chair in the first place. Play smart, you’re in the spotlight. Cut.