Lunar Eclipse in Serbia


Lunar Eclipse by itself does not necessarily imply to any dramatic happenings in Mundane astrology, however within the frame of aspects in the sky at the moment depicts the catastrophe that Serbia has experienced.

Namely, the current aspects in the sky imply to the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, water sign that rules water and rivers, among the rest. The Eclipsed Moon is in the exact conjunction with Saturn (karma) during the Eclipse, additionally implying to the possibility of serious influences in the spheres of massive population of Serbia ruled by the Moon (people), that is actually positioned five degrees from the Eclipse in the natal chart of Serbia in the frame of co-existing aspects. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Sun, that is in the direct opposition with the Moon during the Eclipse is directly positioned on the fixed star Algol (known as Gorgon Medusa in Greek mythology, in Arabic world interpreted as demonic star) at the same time positioned on the Ascendant point i.e. subsign degree in the chart of Serbia according to the data from the establishment of the first Serbian state in 1217. That altogether already implies to potential severe consequences, limitations or even potential  damage and devastation on mass level only five degrees from natal Moon (people) at the moment of Grand Cardinal Cross of Pluto, Uranus, Mars and Jupiter. Saturn is the dispositor of the natal Serbian sign and the people of Serbia live Saturn more than any other planet as the catalyst of difficult karma throughout the history. All that depicts  karma on a mass level and the limitations on a regular basis during the time when Saturn is transiting sixth house in the chart of Serbia. Accordingly, the position of Saturn implies to the transit that could last up to 2016 alongside with Uranus Pluto square that refers to global situation that reflects on Serbia, since Saturn is the ruler of ninth house in the chart of Serbia. Additional implications of possible of severe consequences of floods in the lives of the people is the dispositor of the Moon, namely Pluto exactly positioned on the fixed star Vega (according to Greeks interpreted as Heavenly Harp, according to Babylonians The life of Heaven, The Judge of Heaven) within the Grand Cardinal Cross with Jupiter three degrees from Sirius (the Dog star of Orion constellation), Mars and Uranus exactly positioned on the fixed star Alpherac (the chained maiden of the Andromeda constellation). That configuration in the sky implies to possibility of large grievances in the lives of the people, in the psycho-dynamics as well as everyday life, especially aligned with natal planets in the chart of Serbia depicting conflicts, difficulties, limitations, suffering and potential devastation during the Cross. Good news is that Grand Cardinal Cross ends soon and there are much more positive aspects this summer particularly when Jupiter enters Leo in July bringing much more positive energy among people.  The square of Uranus Pluto signifies potential natural occurrences such as tsunami, floods and volcano eruptions in the entire world.

 According to Richard Tarnas, the Uranus Pluto alignment is recorded in times of scientific as well as the social revolutions and rebellions all over the world when the feeling of  “revolution in the air” is present in mass population such as in the times of revolution in Europe, the French revolution, Latin America, Russia, world appearances of Hitler, the uprising of the underground in the US, the discovery of nuclear energy, splitting of the atom etc. The times of Uranus Pluto alignments are recorded in history as times of appearances of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin i.e. big changes in the collective consciousness.

However, what is the most significant is that the Uranus Pluto square signifies the “revolution within” that refers to the awareness, raising upper levels of consciousness, the inner awakening and changes in the way of thinking and the way of life that are to affirm the spirituality of Jupiter that teaches us through Saturn of the quality of life, affirmation of the real values and the righteousness of living. Do these aspects have to signify necessarily a devastation, destruction and suffering is the question we do not have the answer for, but in the light of the psychological astrology, the attitude towards life and the way of living we build ourselves with our thoughts and deeds  therefore making influence on possible repercussions and karma that always has the aim to teach us a lesson.

The same as God’s word describes the suffering in the Book of Job who at one point has everything and in the next is fighting for his life, these words describe His  mysterious ways that aim at raising awareness on the real values of life and ennobling of spirit in times when saving the one’s own soul and the soul of the planet is the most important thing.