Venus in Capricorn – Petrifying Aphrodite


We are witnessing the transit of Venus in Capricorn up to the beginning of March. Overall, it is a petrifying experience. Whether you have encountered a person that arouses icy chill along your spine warning you of a possible trespass, or your expectations turn out to be dashed, you might as well decide to close the door for a while. Stoned immaculate is how you feel behind the walls of civility and self-restrained conduct. You may be aroused by the deepest inhibitions of the unconscious you need to face and bring out into the consciousness. Self-improvement issue is now being activated to a point of dealing with your own ghosts from the past. What you could do is to trace them and purify your karma by settling the score by lucid comprehension. As a result, you need to break free and liberate yourself from your own kind of insecurity or fear that is blocking your emotions. Current Mars in Virgo is exactly the trigger that stimulates your inner drive to let go of all the restraints by self-improvement. However, it won’t help you feel in love but you will make a step forward in the progress of your own self-awareness process. Don’t forget that Saturn in Scorpio is calling for working out on intimacy issue and maturing on self-control of the deepest passion with the aim of expressing your sexuality in a dignified and controlling ways. This point exactly to the issue of sexuality as the one in the spotlight with the necessity of raising awareness on the importance of personal self-control that has to be either developed or imposed by governmental structures.
Venus in Capricorn evokes the pain of suffering for various reasons that has the purpose of realizing our emotional karma with the tendency of purifying our past experiences thus acquiring emotional accessibility. The doors are shut in order to contemplate on the issues of our personal, emotional evolution with the task of mastering the emotional or artistic self-expression. Venus is “petrified” in order to face the deepest insecurities and fear in order to overcome the underlying “intimacy issue” that may be blocking healthy emotional development. With the awareness on responsibility and self-respect, the move is the cautious self-defense with the tendency to brood over the gains and personal task of self-purification and liberation from the patterns from the past.