Taurus Supermoon – The Soul Train



We are witnessing the closest Full Moon of the Century to this all-so-uprisen Earth on 14th of November, believe it or not in the sign of its exaltation – Taurus, whereupon the power of soul, instincts, psyche is being energized to a degree of fulfillment and guidance everybody might intimately feel as predominant and blissful enough to jump on a Soul Train.

In the night when this potent Moonlight shines from above remembering us to do a little soul food searching you might feel challenged to face your own reality and feel your own rising tide of emotions, blessings and aroused forgiveness enough to feel good about yourself and resolve all the issues of relevance from the perspective of your own purposeful existence. You might remember you are on the way to salvation after all and that all that you have to do is “let your soul guide your heart” for the sake of drawing wisdom out of golden heart as the crown of accomplishment. The only way to go out of the mess anyway. Or at least, you might do some soul-seek instead, enough to recover from wandering away, maybe too far from your own home.

God moves in mysterious ways and we are not always capable of understanding His wisdom, however this very Supermoon might be the occasion to feel it on your own skin, no matter how skinned you might feel running away from your own true path, playing the tricks on your destiny, or just refusing to accept the reality of your dreams that essentially represent the road that you have to take in order to  do your best in the world that unmistakably and uncompromisingly demands to be who you really are in order to survive whereupon commercializing your own life is a double edge sward you have to be a samurai enough to use it for your own benefit.

It takes a conscious psychological workout enough to do a little self-improvement and pass the test of your life you want to live, the life that you are exclusively responsible for. After you learn the rules of the game, the world is only waiting for you to take it. However, only after you have accomplished the best version of yourself.

So if you dive into the sea of your own soul, you might find the answers you have been so eagerly looking for or at least feel the cosmic vibration calling you to get back on track, return to your own path and eventually find yourself for who you really are and what you really want out of life. Home is where the Soul is. Get on a Soul Train.




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