Jupiter Square Pluto – Ultimatum Momentum




The significance of the free world belongs to the realms of Jupiter with the imperative of self-improvement and personal development of raising awareness on all the important issues as well as oneself up to a point of overcoming the suppressed fear as the predominant snare of the shadow that provokes the aggression or even the will for power as a form of overcompensation for the inferiority complex, for instance.

Whatever undermines your feeling of personal spiritual freedom ultimately comes from the inside of the psyche in the psycho-dynamics of every day life. The polygon for spiritual workout and overcoming of fixations, prejudice, complexes that feed the ego in the combat of the global battlefield hungry of money and power is the freedom of will to set your own limits after previously established moral codes of contemporary world. The moral of this story would be winning the freedom of choice Jupiter entitles every human being, only after accepting the rules of the „underground“ of the psyche that shapes up your overall behavior one ultimately has to face with. Or else, what actually happens in most cases, what emanates from the depths of the unconscious projected in a particular entity is an ultimatum momentum that requires immediate settling in the form of a compromise or in case of existing awareness of the burning issue  and the accomplished balance between the heart and the mind in the form of the awakened understanding of the reasons and the motives of one’s own true self as well as keeping track with the Master Plan that has set out for you  the package with the note “Must Have”.

It is the time to face up and think whether it is something you actually want in the first place or that you used to want sometime in the past thus making a choice God reminds you of. In any case, in the course of personal entanglements throughout the years you might have comprehended the reasons of your social relations that manifest itself within the range of cause and effect of your state of mind that now undergoes purification from “chasing shadows” thus revealing the plot you are involved in when the truth is coming out through social interactions that will take time to clarify your actual position. Eventually, you might be surprised that your innitial plan has been brought to a completion.

If you carefully track the source of your personal frustration and underlying anxiety you might come to your senses enough to realize that the imperative ultimatum that lies in the root of the „conspiracy development“ is exactly the point of your acceptance the “power fatale” momentum of your own personal choice that will reveal the truth of the heart after you accomplish the balance between the heart and the mind and set it out in the same direction.

For all the pilots in the house it might seem to be a very „pressurized cabin“ where your monoeuvring space is being directed from, for you might realize that your lovely flight just might continue with the „roger“ development of your life.

The upcoming Jupiter Square Pluto aspect in the sky seems to be the crucial point in your lives for the sake of understanding the Master Plan in the paradigm of the free will enough to find happiness and balance resulting in harmony on a social polygon where you are able to seek and find the catharsis right now through blessings of the spiritually purified individual.

However, bear in mind the words of Alexander Pope, „man never is  but always to be blessed“ so make sure you do your homework of personal development and conscious workout of the puzzle of your life. Unless you  get higher and rise above the confusion of set up karma thus avoiding to be led astray by lies and manipulation, you might end up being stuck in the „clinch“ of your personal choices that drive your heart and the mind in the opposite directions whereupon you might experience this Square as the Ultimatum Momentum of your life.

You might unite your heart and the mind instead and reach happiness awaiting your consent, after excersizing forgiveness and overcoming judgmental characterization for the sake of accomplishing your inner peace. Let the karma wheel reveal one’s own truths and if you have played your cards right you just drink up that champain of victory. The freedom of choice is yours.



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