Supermoon in Libra – Relating


The beginning of the new astrological year that coincides with the Sun at 0 degrees Aries and the Spring Equinox marks the occurrence of the Supermoon in Libra, thus bringing up the issue of relating onto the surface,e for the sake of all the situations that need to be resolved or communicated through enough to clarify the moral of the story. Namely the position of Mars on the fixed star Algol, the famous mythological Medusa makes this relating issue somewhat tense, complicated or even aggressive. In case you might have felt exhausted this week in your pursue of sustaining your healthy attitude or putting everybody involved on their place, this Supermoon in Libra might inspire you to brood upon the issue of relating for the sake of finding the best possible modus operandi that will keep you safe and successful in your endeavors. These are not smooth times but very tense and dangerous due to the overall big picture scenario of ongoing restructuring of planetary power in the light of Saturn in Capricorn conjoined with Pluto the destructive, regenerative and transformational force that sets up an ultimatum of a kind, so make sure you know what is a must in your life in the frame of this planetary mash up of aroused pathological impulses craving for soul food.  This full Moon might provide the balance in coming up with new ways of relating in compliance with your individualism, social grace and accomplishments thus enabling you to maintain dignity in the process, take on attitude and ultimately fulfill your goal.

Libra arouses the issue of relating in the way that it tackles all your relationships, having in mind that Libra represents the natural sector of US vs ME, meaning that the issue of relating considers everybody – your friends, your colleagues, your partners, your family, your lovers, your neighbors, your bosses etc. for the sake of finding the ultimate mode of self-preservation and self-maintenance in the purse of your goals. We are witnessing the tense atmosphere in everyday relations due to the position of Mars on the fixed star Algol that creates aggression, danger, impulsiveness, willfulness and recklessness. In case you might feel trigger happy more than usual, anxious or distressed, make sure you determine the frame of maneuver first and follow the rules you have established as a set of principles for yourself at the same time balancing energies with people who are being edgy and under pressure just as much.  Mind you, all the underlying pathological issues craving for soul food are essentially the unresolved childhood issues that consequently eat up the healthy energy you choose to provide or not. All the potential conflicts in the light of Mars on a mythological Medusa degree are being demonstrated in a slightly aggressive way in order to subside the pathological issue of Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn and feed up the void with your reaction for the sake of personal preservation. The only solution to a burning issue would be the self-imposed self-improvement as the conscious effort to purify the shadow from all the accumulated experience, traumas, negative emotion or suffering through channeling the dust “under the rug” and liberating from the pressure. What it takes is a sort of a “water pump” that is going to clear the unconscious and release the pressure and you might find it in various forms of energetic well-being maintenance  such as spiritual techniques, fasting, faith, meditation, yoga or even sports. What unmistakably clears up the “basement” of the psyche is love in all its forms so make sure you have your portion of emotional exchange that is going to ennoble your soul and provide the insight into the most important values of life. Medusa was famous for “petrifying the warriors with her eyes” and what exactly lies in the very core of that “petrification”  is FEAR, the underlying fear that is conjoined with expectations, concerns about future in the root of all anxiety. We live in the times of anxiety when nothing is certain and when the very life is being threatened with the potential overturns each and every second and the underlying fear of all the inhumane in people that has taken the stand along with the unresolved fears as he result of childhood traumas is exactly what this petrification is about.  Weaknesses, complexes, prejudice, shocks, fixations, negative experiences, suppressed emotion, illusions, will for power, ego-centrism is what makes people judgmental, weak or freightened i.e. petrified in this aggressive demeanor of Mars demonstrating force consequently feeding the void of unresolved fear, expressed through a snake tongue and poison of the word.

Still, in the light of Saturn-Pluto incoming conjunction in Capricorn we all face a sort of a must in the light of Libra endowed relating sector for the sake of accomplishing success of the 10th house of ultimate goals. It seems that it is only a matter of playing a chess game right enough to accept the unavoidable Pluto imperative in your life you have to count in your ultimate quest for personal realization. With this Libra Moon we will have to figure out how to relate with a sort of Pluto imperative lurking in the career sector thus setting us a TEST we have to pass in our quest for freedom. The sooner you realize where the test lies in your chart, the better off you will be in comprehending the big picture scenario in your life.

This Libra Supermoon might provide the insight into relating issue thus bringing up the level of communication and behavior to a brand new level with regard to one’s own individualism thus resisting the temptation of ending up on a plate of the “petrified” in the hunger games. It might bring up a decision that love is the wolf you want to feed and radiate with fire of the soul thus stopping the cycle of feeding the fear along with aroused self-awareness on one’s own social graces and relating for the sake of accomplishing harmony and live in peace with oneself.

This Supermoon in Libra will thus provide the balance in coming up with the new ways of relating in accordance with your status, social grace, individualism that enables you to ennoble the spirit, maintain dignity in the process, build up an attitude and ultimately accomplish your goal. It is a matter of building up your personal style of a warrior fully aware of the important fact that playing your cards right wins your game yet only through successful RELATING.


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