The Year of the Wild Boar – Riding High

2019 is the Year of the Wild Boar, the powerful, good-hearted creature who conquers with nobility and competence. Being endowed with supreme intelligence  the Wild Boar might challenge you to figure out your way from the practical point of view this year and stimulate you to reach the awaiting rewards for all the good work done so far for the sake of winning your place under the sun and securing your position of power.

The Wild Boar is the creature of power. Make sure you summon up your resources and basic potential, your skills as well as your talents and raise awareness on your best assets with the utmost nobility of spirit and high standards of living incorporated into the winning attitude at your position of authority to build up high professionalism for the sake of gaining substantial income this year. The Wild Boar is an authoritative figure that withholds the competence and capability as the greatest talents managing to overcome all obstacles and thus accomplishing the ultimate aim. Having the noble heart the Wild Boar will rise above the weaknesses and perform the humility and the understanding for the sake of lifting up oneself as well as the people around thus sawing the seed of a good credit for the future.

The Wild Boar is a professional, leader, the ambassador of the good will who cherishes the quality above the numbers albeit always accomplishing the substantial income. The justly nature of this creature might put everybody to their place and secure the rewards for all the professional good work done in the cycle of 12 years. This mostly refers to the status and financial accomplishments of all those who have been working hard in the Year of the Dog and who have invested the energy into the professional accomplishments and the developed high professional standards of performance.The Wild Boar might challenge your attitude towards business and provide the rewards enabling you to secure your existence financially and materialistically. The Wild Boar tests your skills and your competence and makes sure you get a good advice or a leadership from the position of authority. If you have been struggling to find your way, this year around you might pick up some good advice and guidance on how you should proceed or improve your professional performance or you might even manage to get into the position to realize your plans thus gaining the support of powerful people. The Wild Boar might make sure you find the people you need and provide the contacts and guidance you need on your quest to realize your dreams.  The benevolent nature of this creature brings in the spirit of companionship and support for all who have been seeking the chance and working hard to accomplish success. For all the successful people this year might be the year when finally the finances stabilize and when the healthy cash flow is being secured thus placing you on a position of authority, power or ensuring the publicity you need  or you have earned. Most importantly, the Wild Boar will make sure everybody gets what they have earned for or accomplished so far.

There  must be somebody in your life this year who will be the blessing of a kind in your professional as well as the personal life, who will unselfishly offer the support, guidance, connection, partnership or love. This mild energy will most importantly soothe the consequences of the rough wounds on the battlefield of life due to the ongoing jeopardizing aspects such as transits of Saturn or Pluto. You should have an open mind and cherish the blessings you get this year since they might turn out to be pivotal for your career.

As for the family life and partnerships, the Wild Boar is the creature who gathers people together, who represents the support and guidance and therefore you might have some special appearances this year or some special connections with people turn out to be a real blessing for you and whom you have wanted in the first place. This year is vibrating with stability, long-term connections, partnerships that can withstand the test of time and that stand a good chance to be long-term commitments. The key issue of trust might somehow be resolved in the way that Wild Boar turns out to be the guardian angel in the form of that special somebody who can provide the selfless love and support to a degree of melting your heart and strengthening your trust. For all the couples who have already established the safe ground and stability, this mild energy might strengthen the ties and thus put the relationship on the next level. The Wild Boars are familiar creatures who represent the father figures or mother figures of the family who take care of everything and this energy of blessing might provide the reconciliation and settlements for many couples. You will just have to recognize that special people in your life, trust them and respond with love they are showing to you.

The Wild Boar is the creature of the high awareness, intelligence and  high moral standards as long as they maintain the high moral criteria in their lives. They are prone to hedonism and they can easily slide onto the level of self-indulging pigsty  when they lose every sense of decency or regard. If they lose the high morality they are naturally endowed with they not only lose everything they have but they even lose themselves. The key issue  is greed. Wild Boars are naturally the ambassadors of good will who successfully accomplish the financial status they want by providing the most professional support to people who depend upon them and most usually Wild Boars are superior authoritative figures lives of people depend upon. If they lose track and fall into a snare of greed, always lurking as the underlying challenge, they eventually lose their power and become the food of all those Snakes waiting to charge the Karma debt. People born in the sign of the Snake are natural enemies to Wild Boars and they eat them up being the punishment for their fall from Grace and High moral standards of living. So take care not to indulge yourself too much this year and show dignity, grace and gratitude for everything you have got and everything you get this year and you will be on the right track to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams.

With the utmost competence, intelligence and good heart of the Wild Boar all it takes for you to reach the top of your game and win the big time is to be Riding High.



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