Jupiter Direct – Knowledge is Power

Jupiter represents the mind, particularly the higher mind, education, consciousness, expansion, higher realms, nobility of the spirit, self-improvement, personal development, spirituality and as such it does not have the prevailing influence on all of the people yet you have to be on the very frequency of Jupiter i.e. on the righteous track in order to get the best of its influence. So many retrograde planets have brought up many perplexities and entanglements in personal history  that influences the mind in mesmerizing way in order to make out the right track and update with information, deduction and personal development for the sake of realization of plans, aims, goals, aspirations. If you are investing in yourself.

Still, reality shows that due to the retrograde Saturn and Pluto in particular you might seem like you are being “drawn back” into the pit of past experiences and entanglements due to all so very powerful  fixations, set of prejudice or impartiality with the aim of “restructuring” your point of view with the updated facts with an underlying danger of being pulled into a void of inertia, the matrix, the anxiety of being faced with the fact that you are being deprived of the choice or at least that making the right choice seems to be the road less traveled.

It is a unique sort of a test of your own existential philosophy, the reality check and the checking-up point of sustainability of your frame of mind for the sake of accomplishing the best possible outcome of your present endeavors. What “karma” is constantly trying to teach us is that all our existential philosophies, our attitude towards life, our point of view as well as our individual idiosyncrasies  undergo the test of time for the sake of becoming the best possible version of ourselves. The reason would be the liberation of spirit from all sorts of fear, prejudice, fixations, difficult experiences, pain, complexes, illusions we might seem to be running in circles until we resolve the matter and pick up the pieces of the puzzle together from the perspective of wisdom. In case you reject to purify, uplift and get higher into self-improvement, Jupiter won’t be of much help.

We are evidently being exposed to a unique sort of a test whereupon the development on the global scale reveals the misplaced thesis so to say in the black and white paradigm. There are two ways emanating from the source whereupon only through choosing the right one and sticking to just one wall we are being able to come our of the labyrinth of our personal entanglements. The Pluto phenomenon in Capricorn in recent years has made a “tricky game” of leading us astray to believe in the power of the “dark” force. Well, yes the Darth Vader is fun character to see, yet only in the movies. In reality there is a high price to pay playing with him only Jupiter can save you from. In case you want a salvation the world has forgotten about.  In case you really want to choose what this old grandpa has to say it would be the undeniable fact that true power lies in knowledge and wisdom no matter what the delusional popular media pack-it-up-to-look-nice pitch about.  In case you want to be your own, being the hardest thing nowadays you would exclude yourself from all of it and seek to find your own way through self-improvement of your own personality thus building up your individuality with respect to your own true self.  Only then Jupiter will endow you with the blessing of pulling you into a high quality of life and you will become eligible to realize your dreams. Basically, what is worth for having is worth for investing and the ultimate happiness is essentially a state of mind, the healthy mind and soul liberated from imperfections of spirit. The ultimate aim would be to gain the wisdom enough to reach out for it.  Happiness is all so well deserved.

This direct mode of Jupiter reminds us of it for it would be the only way to go forward. Otherwise we would be running around in circles cursing the damn Saturn or damn Pluto for putting us into the dire straits of life.  Whatever drama you are currently going through keep in mind it is a sort of a test of your own sustainability and your personal system of thinking that should or should not undergo a change. Then the Jupiter will bring expansion and fresh new opportunities as a reward of your hard work done as a sort of a payoff for all your personal investments. Your prayers will be answered.

Everybody want a piece of power nowadays only some are desperate to get it. If Jupiter taught us anything it would be to keep the dignity and comply with everything that has the measure of dignity. Nobility of the spirit is something that pulls you up to the heights of a good life and happiness you seek and if your work out your way towards becoming a better human than you used to be, then Jupiter will endow you with one and only true power – knowledge and wisdom.

You have to be on the frequency of truth in order to have the blessing of Jupiter as the higher mind and the more you reach out for the truth it is more likely that you will find it. Waking up from the shadow of illusions is what you have to be praying for and Jupiter direct will lead you through.

“Where ignorance is bliss, it’s folly to be wise” said Thomas Grey but it only refers to children of Eton college who are blissful in their own purity and innocence. If you happen to be pure and innocent as children, being the way the Bible calls for, then you might also be within the realms of Jupiter who is the guide and the “finder of the lost children.”

For all of you who seek for the piece of power in the contemporary world that undergoes a “blitzkrieg” of greed, vanity and illusion, Jupiter wants you to know that knowledge is what you need

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