Mars in Libra – Call for Diplomacy


In the light of the planetary positions in the sky at this time within the overall cross-examination and karma test of all the existing systems and concepts referring to classical values, Mars in Libra calls for establishing tactics and diplomacy as the best means of accomplishing goals and overcoming the general crisis. In all the social interactions make sure you show a moderate will, tactics, diplomacy and decorum in general for Libra insists upon the white gloves in communication and thoughtful expressing yourself for the sake of making the most of your aspirations. Mars in Libra is a call for diplomacy for the sake of self-sustainability and self-maintenance.  In the psycho-dynamics the overall flow of healthy energy demands the smooth handling everyday situations and potential conflicts thus applying the knowledge and experience on the way to the best possible outcome. Keep in mind that undergoing test will have to prove your system of thinking is worth saving so make sure you stick to the well established, proven and checked facts. There is no compromise with the truth, diplomacy is just the way to defend it and stand for it.

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