Saturn in Pisces – Wisdom Check

The predominant emotion of the Saturn in Pisces would be the swamp  of human perdition and degradation into a total decomposition and relativism of the transitional time that requires gaining wisdom out of it all as well as “paying the karma dues” of the entire cycle of 28 years. It is a sort of a closure of cycle whereupon the darkest night happens right before dawn. If Saturn rules the spine then in Pisces it would be the as spineless as it gets so as to bring us all into a dreamy mood of our own idiosyncracies and fantasies that doesn’t have to do much with reality.

Still, Saturn might as well bring a sober awakening thus splashing reality into our faces so as to wake us up from the drowsiness just as much.

What would be the most important lesson of this transit would be the chance to really gain wisdom – a true wisdom and a pearl of purity and knowledge beautifully made by all the experience so far. Tough one I know yet it’s not impossible. Pisces rule Faith and Religion and this transit might as well evoke the questions of Religion thus sobering up majority of people into realistic religious wisdom whereupon the key issue would be Faith itself. The central issue of Faith will make us question the mysterious ways of God thus finding explanations and revealing mysteries of the world into unique wizardry and heritage of the new world. Faith keeps us going and Pisces uniting the knowledge and wisdom of all the signs being the last will make us draw important conclusions and revelations of our own life. Having a closure and disclosure of all the important lessons and issues in our lives we might as well end up a cycle in the following 2.5 years and learn to live the life we were sent out to live. Finding salvation, saving our souls, having our name written in the Book if Life would be our mission and as far as possible this transit should teach us to become our own shamans, our own Priestesses, our own Wizzards and our own Magicians of the contemporary world that would be the most important gain in the contemporary world being thrown back at the middle ages with the same heroes who lead the weak through the valley of drarkness. Saturn in Pisces is not particularly strong get what would be the ultinate gain of this transit is exactly the apiritual strength, Faith and Wisdom thus passing a test of our dreams to become reality. Keep in Mind, Saturn in Pisces bring a sort if a unique Test for our dreams, spirituality and the Soul. It would be the test of our higher Reason that has to provide explanations of the key issues of Spirit and Faith that withstand the time. It is as well the Test if all the spiritual heritage of the civilization such as supreme Science and Art enough to prove the Universal Value of the upcoming Pluto in Aquarius for Universality would be the stbdard. This test will show what we have learned so far and what we have created.  It will question our beliefs as much as our dreams. Make sure you pass with flying colors for some day you might become a wizzard of your own.

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