Pluto in Aquarius – Alienation

Pluto in Aquairus – Exciting as it might seem, true it is, yet it gets to be a little more important than that.

Namely, Pluto rules Power and the upcoming transit in Aquarius brings on the shift of Power in it’s essential meaning. This transit tackles the issues of individuality and freedom and that exactly might be the prevailing motivation for the majority of people. Whimsical excess or exhibitionism, demonstration of personal power in the most passionate and extravagant way. Something to think about.

Namely, Pluto was in Aquairus during the American Liberation and Independence as well as during the French Revolution and it would be something to think about. The point is liberation urge would be predominant desire in people who seek to find one’s own space and freedom to express. Within the overall technocracy in the making we will be challenged to do what we feel on the verge of anarchy.

Aquarius rules electricity so as to bring on the latest developments of 5G or wireless electricity pretty much incorporated in our lives. Alien discoveries would be pretty much advanced and actually that topic would be the be the massive pitch in the years to come. What is the most important Aquarius rules the mind, intelligence and social interactions so as to feel the flux of energy and depth of thinking as well as a kind of alienation and solitude of Pluto in the universe of Aquarius. What all of us might feel would be the independence of thought, originality as well as the deprivatio of emotion and sensuality but a sort of nechanucal orange kind of flavor. We might as well feel alienated in every sense of the word almost like a can of drink. Make sure you contain as much as you need to survive.



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