The Year of the Cat – Resolution Ahead

The year of the Cat evokes the essential and basic characteristics of the Cat in people thus making us all feel thoughtful, cautious, diplomatic, sophisticated , elegant at least a little bit so as to bet on reasonable resolution of opposing and raging amplitudes of extremes in the contemporary world. Essential and predominant feeling of Cat people would be the peace and harmony with the world, intelligemt mind, , the stoic and  dignified attitude of refined energies that bring healing and protect the health of mind. Tradotionally Cats symbolize the health of psyche so as to bring healing of the raging 2022 Tiger’s energies that has brought complication and havoc into our lives. What we can do now is make sure we think cautiously and independently about ourselves, our lives and the world in general thus drawing conclusions on the next step we take in getting close to resolution of our own game set as well as the world issues. They say that everything happens within the realms of spirit first and then on the realms of physical world and what exactly needs to happen would be the resolution of the collision of the opposing worlds of tradion and contemporary tendencies thus finding balance and creating a new world view with past and future incorporated into a straigh-up  attitude with best posdible heritage and perdpective of united east and west, tradion and modern world view. A lot has been overcome, yet a lot we have built and  the classical values of the past would be something to bring on into the future and the Cats would be the symbol of the wise world that  knows how to unite the opposites and to go straight ahead with the best from all human experience. The Culture of built-up civilization does not need to be questioned for it will prove to be valuable heritage in the years to come  still embracing the higher consciousness of the modern world whereupon the the health, environmental, social-economic issues need to be met with evolved attitude of contemporary man, First, thinking thoroughly about oneself and then of the world would be the urge this year with the ultimate aim of providing valuable conclusions and making wise decisions that the next year of Dragon and the following year of Snake are going to put into workable practical solutons. You might call the the year of the Cat preparatonal yet it’s when things take shape on the mind-set first and when basically everything gets formed in the decisions set up in motion based  on all experience we have so far. Keep in mind that every step you take is a step close to God and the wise Cat reminds you of that. Cats understand the mysterious ways of God and that would be the challenge for all of us the bear wisdom. Cats were the one to stand dignified on the Buddha funeral without crying alongside with the Snake for it would be the call of this year – wisdom exactly. For however you define your mind-set it would bring on the relevant experience later. The children of God lead this world to Heaven and this year would be the time for all of us God’s children to get little wise. Think of how you can become the best yourself and professionalize for this world is saved only by the professionals, The year of the Cat help us work it out. Some learn from failure , some learn from success yet the most important would be to constantly learn lessons as being the consequences of sll karma happenings besides  the karma reward. If everything happens for reason now would be the call for sll of us to think about what the reason might be. The year of the Cat help us do it.


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