Saturn in Capricorn – Shaking up the System


“It just depends on how close to ground level you are” – would be the motivational message of this 2.5-year transit that might actualize the reality of your position on a worldly scale whereupon everyone will be called upon to integrate within a system that undergoes the test of its sustainability. Now more than ever, everybody might be challenged to incorporate all the personal convictions, personal attitude, the long-term perspective, professional goals as well as personal and professional karma into the system of the particular mind-set everybody is called upon to establish. In the words of William Blake “I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s”. That would most certainly be the challenge of the years to come within the big picture of already existing cultural, social, educational, political systems that will stand the test trial of time for the sake of their own sustainability and functionality. This kind of restructuring and so called “paying the karma dues” of all the systems there are should result in purification of experience and establishment of solid base for the years to come. Essentially, the most important issue in this period would be the question of all the systems being rooted in the reality of 21st Century or not, that would most certainly clarify and sustain only the most progressive ones, or at least those most productive ones.

Saturn represents the system and this notion refers to the system of thinking in the first place and then to the social conventions and the structure of the society as well as culture, politics, education, moral codes etc. It would be the challenge to incorporate one’s own ambitions and personal convictions into the global scheme of the establishment of modern thought and contemporary tendencies. Governments, political establishments and social phenomena all undergo the karmic cross-examination for the sake of preservation and more importantly improvement in accordance with contemporary concepts of 21st Century. The system of thinking requires adjustments to new conditions whereupon the restructuring and purification of karma considers improvements on the global scale for the sake of social protection, progress, spiritual and material well-being as well as the salvation from materialistic conformation and grinding inertia of the modern matrix.

It is only a matter of tuning-in to the frequency of reality of the world we live in today whereupon all the dreams, all the cults, all idiosyncrasies of modern man are being subjected to demands of the consuming markets fed up with everything that has already been invented or placed on the usage of masses. Saturn in Capricorn might shake up all the systems by filtering and purification of all the establishments that meet the criteria of social responsibility, professionalism, cultural imperatives, spiritual well-being, environmental, gender, racial and health issues for the sake of gaining the substantial income.

Saturn might as well re-examine the system of rules in compliance with the demand of 21st Century with the emphasis on the traditionally established set of principles that represent the structure, the architecture of the modern way of life by undergoing the test of applicability to the social conditions and profitability of all individual enterprise. The emphasis would be on the work ethics and professional responsibility along with the upcoming Chinese Year of the Dog that will raise awareness on the issues of work conditions, importance of hard work and all the efforts that overshadow the talent or opportunistic manageability along the way. Saturn will put the responsibility in one’s own hands depending on the amount of hard work being invested into the prosperity and success. The sense of duty and personal engagement with respect to all the rules Saturn implies to as the most important for sustainability of the system require obedience, hard work, professionalism and proficiency for the sake of gaining the income.

Professionally, this transit might coincide with the accomplishments of all those who have invested long-term efforts into professional goals that stand the chance of reaching success and gaining income in the following 2.5 years. This transit might represent the crown of the career for all those who have played their cards right with respect to all the rules there are and who have invested long-term efforts, sacrifice and dedication for the sake of getting the chance of a lifetime. It would be the best possible transit for trained professionals who can reach the next level of modus operandi, preferably the top performance one, whereupon they are getting close to the paramount of the career. Basically, the Saturn’s transit through Capricorn would be the good news and the reward for all those individual professionals who have been asking the same question – When will my hard work and professional improvement finally pay off? The answer would be in the following 2.5 years preferably if you have got at least 10 years of training before you.

Psychologically, Saturn raises awareness on personal responsibility and this transit through Capricorn will conceptualize the personal ambitions as well as work ethics for the sake of understanding the fact that personal income and material well-being is essentially a matter of reciprocal personal investment of hard-work, the sense of duty, work ethics, education, personal training and ambitions that represent the base of accomplishment of the life-time goal. In case you haven’t set up a lifetime goal or a personal or professional ambition, now would be the time to do so. Anyhow, it would be the time to think clearly, strictly, professionally, responsibly, soberly about one’s own professional orientation, work contribution, work conditions, personal ambitions, professional accomplishments and lifetime goals. Saturn will most certainly tackle a professional in each and every one of us for the sake of raising awareness on personal contribution to the contemporary world and in the following 2.5 years the lesson would be for everyone to figure out the personal contribution on a worldly scale regarding the professional orientation and personal accomplishments as well as professional productivity and generally the profitability of one’s own career. It would be the time to become business-oriented and to think through the ways of realizing the profit eventually after years of invested efforts and fair play.

Saturn will pass through the 10th house of natural zodiac and it might awaken the realistic outlook on one’s own accomplishments, personal goals, professional ambitions as well as general contribution. Regardless of one’s own dreams, now would be the time to grasp one’s own limits, to define the criteria, build the standards and establish the frame to move within professional and personal life goals so that it would demand to think about the big picture and long-term success with the emphasis on raising awareness on the fact that it takes 10-15 years of training in order to get the chance to win big. The slow and steady pace of Saturn might prove to be fruitful for those already vibrating on the frequency of reality of 21st Century and it might bring a sort of down-to-Earth flavor to those who were mesmerized about one’s own profession or a career. Obeying the simple principles – professional orientation – hard work – playing by the rules-ultimate life goal and building up a career out of it might prove to be a reward or a lesson for every single individual in the following couple of years, depending on a personal inclination.

Mind you, it takes to be a fair player to be an ultimate winner to reach the top and stay on top, being altogether the lesson of this transit. Whether you embark on a career or you have proven to be a professional, whether you strive for success or you are already successful this transit would call upon maturing on one’s own responsibility for personal and professional lives, bring in the sense of duty, raise awareness on the rules of the game all the way through as well as on all the aspects of professionalism and work ethics to that extent that the lesson would be for each and every one of us to become a Pro not just at work but as the lifestyle.

The karma cycle will shake up the system regarding all those issues and Saturn will depict the cross-examination on a worldly scale as well as through introspection and self-improvement, being an urge of contemporary world that still has the perfection as the criteria and whereupon raised awareness on free will and the responsibility of one’s own choices and personal actions results in necessity of putting great efforts in accomplishing life goals. For all those establishments that have proven to be progressive and productive this transit might bring success and top notch opportunities, however for all the rest Saturn in Capricorn will bring the Test Trial that might end up in shaking up the system for the sake of creating a better world. At least, that would be the challenge and the lesson. Saturn in Capricorn got to be real.

Within the psycho-dynamics there is an underlying anxiety rooted in existential fear that might be an overwhelming emotion throughout this period, however it should be comprehended exclusively as the symptom of some unresolved issues that require facing the shadow, personal weaknesses as well as a little bit of self-improvement. Namely, Pluto transit through Capricorn has tackled some key issues of the subconscious such as deep rooted complexes, fixations, prejudice etc., since the overall behavior of people tends to be rather symptomatic regarding those little key points in behavior that require attention and self-improvement and now along with Saturn transit it becomes even more drastic putting the fear, anxiety, weaknesses into the spotlight that demand the immediate dealing with i.e. facing one’s own shadow.

It would be of the extreme importance to rationalize one’s own existential fears as the tip of the iceberg of those deep rooted fears of the past that are actually shaking up the system of consciousness. Mind you, by means of some kind of a therapy or a spiritual technique it would be helpful to deal with childhood memories or some past events that has brought up some issues of the psycho-dynamics necessary to deal with since they act like a sort of concentric circles in the psyche from the depths of the unconscious often expressed in dreams that now gather the experience and interpret all the life phenomena in the language individual and authentic as a fingerprint. That is the unique language that all of us can interpret for ourselves the best if not with a professional assistance.  Anyhow, those traumatic issues of the past would come up to the surface during this time and demand facing with all the weaknesses that are basically shaking up the system.

It would be of the utmost importance to summon up and gather resources of Jupiter in Scorpio that is now empowering the regenerative energy of the psyche and by all means of faith to find the way out of one’s own entanglements. Saturn in Capricorn might just point to those issues that every single individual will have to improve for the sake of accomplishing harmony and peace among the people. It would be the only way to create a healthy society in the first place.  What would be the lesson of this transit is the preferably realistic overview of one’s own life and personal affairs for the sake of comprehension of one’s own realistic position in the world. Regardless of wishful thinking, emotional inclination or lulling in the comfort zone, generally everybody is about get disillusioned and awakened thus faced with reality of one’s own life.

Whether it is going to be difficult or not it would depend on the personal inclination to the truth and “ground level” Saturn will be drawing us onto by shaking up the system.


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