Lunar Eclipse in Leo – Time’s Up


Within the frame of the global cross-examination in the sense of “restructuring the power” represented by governing entities who are now being called upon to integrate the demands of the new age such as cultural, social, racial, environmental, gender, health issues into the establishment of the set of new rules of the game based on traditionally proven, yet contemporary upgraded, with respect to all the needs of the modern world no longer to be ignored.  The times are changing, however for all the concepts that make the Ego projections, cravings and power- demonstrations central, with no respect to human dignity in all the manifestations, the Time’s already Up.

This rare phenomenon of Bloody, Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on 11 degrees Leo is occurring within the reach of the Minor Planet Ceres, of the same importance as Pluto and the karmic North Node in the natural Fifth House of Zodiac thus awakening the key issues in each and every individual life tackling the question of Self-Love and Self-Respect. You would agree, the most important personal training issues in the light of contemporary demands would be exactly those: The Self-Love emanating from personal Self-Awareness of one’s own Self-Worth as the outcome of the process of establishing the personal system of values and Self-Respect emanating from the affirmation of one’s own Dignity that essentially differs from Pride – altogether being notorious characteristics of Leo.

The Eclipse on 11 degrees Leo, conjoined with transit Ceres on 13 degrees Leo plus the North Node on 14 degrees Leo altogether represent the powerful archetypal seismic activity of the collective unconscious with the karmic duty of “Learning the Lesson” in order to accomplish the benefit of this Eclipse.  Namely, the consequential influences of the Eclipse take part as long as 6 months after the cosmic event and it would be important to mention the basic symbolism of this karmic, global shift in consciousness whereupon Ceres takes central stage.

Ceres is usually associated with the constellation of Virgo, the cult of Virgin Mary and the unconditional love due to its self-improvement urge for the sake of evolution of the humanity in the light of the apparent transition of the Royal Star Regulus – the heart of Leo into the sign of Virgo a decade ago whereupon the transition from Ego-centered towards self-improved contemporary man has taken place.

Ceres is a minor planet since 2006 and represents the female principle of the mythological sister of Zeus i.e. Jupiter. Ceres was called Demeter in the Greek mythology and she is associated with harvest, agriculture, motherhood, crops, hunting and represents the archetype of the hard-working woman who brings food to the table. It represents a mother, protector in the modern times depicting all the single mothers who support the family.  In a wider sense, it represents independent women who solely depend on themselves as an imperative of the 21st Century in the world that must be able to provide education, health protection, business opportunities, work protection, equality and respect for all the women of the world. This very eclipse tackles this issue as being central,  in the world of relativized gender identification of so many androgynous people with high self-awareness whereupon the gender orientation is being essentially less important unified in the turquoise unisex color. Modern tendencies overcome traditional, conventional gender role-play and raises awareness on the importance of the individual freedom to choose what to identify with in the frame of all the contemporary concepts as well as the importance of giving credit to women for all they contribute and provide to the world.  With respect to the karma cycle of the intensive self-improvement, the ultimate aim for all the human beings in accordance to the Bible as well as the ultimate standards of performance in the world would be becoming as perfect as angels. Mind you, Angels are essentially Androgynous.

On the quest to self-improvement, the realization of one’s own wholeness considers individuation for the sake of acceptance the Anima of Men (Female part of Men inherently identified with Mother) as well as Animus of Women (Male part of Women inherently identified with Father) as the essential and indispensable part of being in the psycho-dynamics. Therefore, the conventional  gender role-play is slowly being overcome in the times to come only more transparently and directly.

“Girls just want to have FUNdamental human rights” would be the quote of this Eclipse that raises awareness on the importance of independence of all the women and girls in the world who essentially strive for the same goals as men, provide the same results and demand the same rights.

Within the frame of cross-examination on the worldly scale, being exposed to the same karma grind, this Eclipse with Ceres and North Node reminds the world of its own karma to give credit to women for everything they provide, secure their independence, treat them with respect, establish the fundamental human rights in practice not just on paper and hear the voice of women all around the world who stand the chance of saving it.

Furthermore, within the symbolism of Leo that represents the heart and the symbolism of Ceres that represents detachment, sadness and the fear of losing the loved one, it is worth mentioning that according to mythology Ceres was the mother of Persephone was abducted by Pluto, later to marry him, only to appear above ground in Spring and Summer and locked in the Underground in Autumn and Winter, having caused an enormous grief for Ceres, the mother who suffered just as much.

In the psycho-dynamics, the overall feeling of sadness or detachment might prevail during the Eclipse, reminding each and every one of us about the possible losses and issues of the heart for all the heartbreaks, sufferings and isolation that has to be overcome. Just like the shift of seasons, there comes the shift in consciousness that must bring hope and acceptance of the life cycles for all the ups and downs in one’s own personal life. Leo, being the sign of the heart, puts emphasis to the central Chakra of the body, energizing the heart that has to shine its own glory or else becomes tied up in grief. Mind you, there might be a moment of truth of the heart along with the North Node that answers the question of the very reason of its sufferings that lies in the root of one’s own self-improvement. At least, you might realize what it takes for you to be truly happy. The heightened sensitivity of this female principle might empower the forgiveness, understanding and compassion  as well as one’s own personal responsibility for whatever has caused your heart’s grievance. The challenge would be to find the ways to settle the matter by providing various ideas or thoughts on possible resolution as well as the unconditional love of this sacred feminine principle ennobling the spirit of mankind.  It is of the utmost importance to grasp one’s own essential needs, interests and heart desires and integrate them into awareness on the burning issue.

Another important issue of this Eclipse would be the question of one’s own identity and all the relevant individual idiosyncrasies regarding the most intimate personal self-awareness and Ego identification in the light of one’s own centre of gravity. It might be the time to ask youself the crucial question of who you really are and what you have got to offer to the world  for the sake of building a healthy ego in the function of your complete personality. The self-awareness on your essential identity represents the basis of all of your personal reations and results in personal attitude in the times to come. Naturally it will be expressed through your natural style that is being re-examined in the times such as these when the Eclipse in Leo conjoins with North Node. It is like you essentially make self- affirmation all over again just to make sure you make peogress and build up your own personality in the light of preservation of your true identity.

What you can do for yourself is to realize there is a spiritual reward for the realistic comprehension for learning the lesson of Self-Love for all the Self-Worth you have to attribute yourself as well as the lesson of Self-Respect for all the empowered dignity of Leo, being altogether the only way to be truly happy and loved and respected from the world. Of course, for everything less than that – Time’s Up.



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