New Moon in Gemini – Converse!


It is widely held that every New Moon is the excellent time to embark upon new enterprise, make a big decision or set up an entirely new course of action. This New Moon in Gemini might inspire you to have a new outlook on recent development and summon up all your resources in a closely defined direction whereupon the underlying flux of impressions and overall perception is reaching a definition and a conscious apprehension. You might become aware of all the choices that you have got at hand and set off into the future with the clear feeling of being on top of the game.

Along with the position of Sun and Mars in Gemini it is the high time to clear the area of misinformation and presumption with direct massage from the stars – CONVERSE!

What matters the most right now is the benefit of a good conversation, the communication that clarifies all misunderstandings, ambiguities and illusions thus setting up the best possible course of action. If you are thinking of writing that letter, email or a message to somebody that has been usurping your attention lately, now is the time to express yourself and define the status of all the relations you hold important in your life, thus building a new attitude and establishing healthy atmosphere. Hasn’t the experience thought you of anything but to communicate your way through the entanglements of contemporary life with utmost sincerity of your inclination unless, of course, you are on top of your game whereupon a little play will be needed on your way to success, whatever that might be. This time around it is high time to establish the facts, although it might seem difficult to do that right now when New Moon is occurring in the Square with Neptune, however soon enough the state of matters might crystallize and sharpen up within the polygon of manoeuvring space with the clear perspective as the outcome.

Jupiter in Libra is making sure you socialize enough to make your way in the right direction with special outlook on your relationships whereupon the situation might seem to be like that trick-or-treat Gemini game when you just don’t know what you might pull out of the hat, particularly due to the Pluto Square whereupon you might feel as being a set up an ultimatum or drawn to the point of madness in a situation deprived of choices at the same time representing your own past ones.

The optimistic Venus in Aries might provide a feeling of enthusiasm of inflammable, glowing, sparkling desire for a successful outcome you might be able to feel on your skin however, in the light of New Moon Square Neptune, make sure it’s not just wishful thinking.  However, the Gemini energy is naturally objective and resourceful thus providing a bundle of information only after thoroughly conveying an investigation and a research, so make sure you establish all the facts and circumstances might prove to be harmless on your way to success.

As long as Jupiter is being tightened by the Square with Pluto i.e. up to September, you might feel that life is just not playing fair with you and that you lack that indispensable ingredient in every dish – GOOD LUCK. If you consider the matters from the more profound point of view on your psycho-dynamics, you might establish your own responsibility for your current state of affairs whereupon the so much needed liberation from all your fears, prejudice and judgmental fixations might exactly set you free from the carousel that makes you feel dizzy. As a matter of fact, you are not being deprived of happiness, you are just blocking your own way to it by allowing the shadow define your overall behavior. Facing the shadow is the task at hand and your happiness is at stake.

What you can do for yourself along the way is to communicate your way through by expressing your own true self with regard to simple three questions that will demand an answer – If who you are, what you want and what you are doing are in compliance, you are a happy one. One way or another what you stand the chance of doing right now is to CONVERSE!

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