Retro Pleiad in the Sky – Pick Up the Pisces



Slow down and do your homework. The retro pleiad in the sky is inspiring enough for a digression in your ongoing development and state of affairs for the sake of picking up the pieces of the puzzle and making out the big picture.

There are times in life when there is a need to take a break, make time for introspection and work out the ongoing game set in order to put things where they belong and make things right. Correspondingly, the karma wheel is checking upon you enough to provide a passport for your further journey. Or not. It depends on your contribution to your own well-being up to that point and there are no mistakes about it. Soon enough you will face with whatever issue is being tackles that there is a package with “must have” writing on the wall. The only question is what you will do about it. Jupiter will take care you have a choice to use your freedom to set your own limits. Or not.

Retro Mercury in the sky is evoking the step back in your rational frame of perception for the sake of putting you in the position to think about the latest development within the big picture in order to catch up with what you have been overlooking, neglecting or rejecting to accept. Now is the time to face the truth in the stream of update of information that provides the insights into the matter. It is of the utmost importance to have an insight by checking upon the facts along the way. Re-examining of the intentions, catching up with people you have to communicate the matters through, checking the state of affairs by re-establishing the facts enough to be clear with the circumstances, however, most importantly introspecting about the direction of the next move. It is as if life sets a question if what you are doing is what you really want and whether you know exactly what you need to know about your life enough to move forward. Sometimes it is a reset to the last good configuration whereupon you come to your senses enough to get ready to go ahead. It is not yet the time to make decisions but to re-examine the situation and catch up with information. It is not yet the time for making important moves but to check upon the circumstances and update on happenings that you weren’t familiar with. Anyhow, dealing with already ongoing projects and relationships is in the spotlight when you should resist embarking upon anything new.

Retro Venus is setting up a frame of the game for the sake of clearing up the area considering your past and checking the system of values upon you until you learn all the rules enough to be endowed with the gift of true love. Only after you re-examine your past relationships or ongoing relationship and social relations from the perspective of justification of your actions, exercising forgiveness and overcoming judgments of any kind along with facing the truth of yourself and the people you are involved with you are being approved a chance to make things right and a resolution whereupon you’ve got the clearance to move forward. All the lessons lead to learning and obeying the rules sooner or later you play by as well as establishing what is what in the world along with the facts of the past development and the system of values you have to build in the form of a set of criteria that have to guide you through the social interactions. Retro Venus might force you to deal with your past in the way that clarifies the relations from the perspective of motives, quality and past actions in order to face with the truth of the state of affairs thus bringing them to a resolution. The key question is where your heart is at and if people you are being drawn back to deserve a second chance or you want to move forward with respect to your experience, set of criteria, ambitions, ideal images, dreams etc. Venus is setting up the frame of the game you have to play keeping in mind your ultimate aim and the big picture of the relations on your social playground. Make sure you know what you are doing and who you are playing with.

Retro Saturn will be the judge of your karma enough to provide the passport enough to proceed in the same direction. Or not. Do not be surprised if your past actions come up into the spotlight to spice up your life at the checking-up point of whatever you wish for. Jupiter evokes social interactions you stand the chance to justify your actions through, however Saturn is the executive of karma that always stands in your way of accomplishment. Or not. If you have played your cards right, Saturn will strengthen your position meaning that you might get the compensation for your past endeavors. Paying dues refers to regulation of your in-debt situation whereupon you have made a trespass that might cost you a great deal. It is the process you cannot control, nevertheless what you can do is build a set of principles that form your character, learn to treat people with respect and protect yourself by expressing the discipline of your backbone. Rules again and Saturn makes sure you sooner or later become a pro. Until then you’ve got a life to live.

This sensational pleiad in the sky might provoke a havoc in your lives, however only if you work out your way through self-awareness, self-discipline, establishment of the facts, rationalization of your game and revelation of truth, you might pass through the valley of shadows safe and sound. You stand the chance to show what kind of a player you are and the chance to pick up the pieces.

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