Retro Saturn in Sagittarius – Rationalize


Up to 25th August, Saturn is seemingly moving retrograde in the sky. Within the scope of celestial influences, you might say that Saturn represents the key planet that imposes limitations upon us, however at the same time it is the one to set us free and liberate us from our own fears, complexes, prejudice, guilt, judgmental thinking etc. that actually represent the burden of karma. The executive force of karma is Saturn itself. Saturn  is the polygon for self-improvement, it depicts our character and the backbone discipline that sooner or later we have to develop within the basic lesson of life that demands obeying the rules after learning to comprehend them. The karma purification takes place in the life of each and every one of us through various contacts, through work, through family, through friendship. But how does it actually work?

The retro mode is the time when life starts flashing upon us, demanding the conscious outlook on our past and dealing with our own deeds from the perspective of wisdom. Sooner or later, we gain wisdom through realization of our own behavior as well as our position on the social scene, however the most important thing on the way is exactly the self-improvement. Life demands of us to constantly improve, become better people, overcome our weaknesses. But first we have to become aware of them.

Life has to be in the state of constant learning, education, spirituality if we want to move forward. Otherwise we stagnate and nothing is actually going to change until we decide to change things for ourselves, to change our lives. There are three questions that life constantly sets upon us: who you really are, what you really want and what you are really doing and all the lessons we go through provide the answers to those seemingly simple questions.

To answer the question of who you really are is the long-term process and it requires individuation as the psychological category when by means of introspection we tend to really find out who we are and not who we want to be. Dreams play an extremely important part of the process since one’s own dreams represent one’s own reality of the soul in a way that the soul already knows, however it takes a long way to realize the basic potential of the soul and become who you have always known you are.

We were all born with the shadow part of the personality that represents the unconscious. On the way to realization of one’s own personality and finding out our true identity we have to become aware of our own unconsciousness. There are various techniques of doing it such as self-monitoring, psychotherapy, introspection, self-analysis but you would agree that it demands a conscious outlook on one’s own unconscious mind in order to really integrate your shadow into your life, purify it and synchronize it with your conscious mind and ego.

If you want to know the world, start from yourself and you will see that there is a vast area to discover when you liberate from fear, prejudice of your environment, parental images and projections, expectations of your family, friends, co-workers, people around you. You really start to individuate when you face your own true self for who you really are and start improving in order to become the best version of yourself. It is of the extreme importance to have an open mind and free soul enough to face your fears, think through the imposed prejudice, avoid being judgmental towards people as well as towards your own self.

On the other side of fear is love and the best you can do is to have the unconditional love for everybody, however mostly for yourself that will bring up dignity and self-respect in you enough to have the backbone discipline. It is the lesson of Saturn to build up a personality and only through the constant self-improvement you can really answer the question of your own true identity, when you have overcome your weaknesses and raised awareness of your shadow that you have successfully incorporated into your conscious mind. It is then when you actually become aware of your own true identity.

Then comes the question of what you actually want in life. The awareness of one’s own motivation is the key issue and what you have to do on your way is disperse all the illusions, imposed ambitions, expectations of the people around you and dig into your own true motives and life goals. When you successfully realize who you are, you will be able to comprehend your own true motives and set up a variety of life goals that will lead to the ultimate aim.

This question considers the issue of purpose and it is exactly in the description of Saturn’s influence. What is actually the purpose of your life? Then on, you might get close of realizing what it is that you really want out of life. Success is a relative category and successful is every man that has fulfilled one’s own purpose and found the true meaning of one’s own life. Times have changed and the transition of the fixed star Regulus seemingly into the sign of Virgo demands overcoming ego and the transition into a new awareness of the world, environment, social issues, self-improvement and personal and professional development. All this leads to the possibility of creating choices in order to become fully capable of choosing the right profession as well as the right partner.

After you have answered the question of who you really are, you are on a good way of realizing what you want to accomplish. This world would be a much better place if everybody were just being themselves. When you realize your basic potential and feel the urge of doing something higher than your ego, you will get close of finding the answer of what you really want in life. Retro Saturn is there to remind you that you have to rewind your game enough to answer this question or at least re-examine your past behavior in the light of what you have done in your past regarding your own true life goal. If you haven’t defined it yet, retro Saturn would be the great time to cope with this and find answers by defining your ambitions. You have to pay the price of course for everything that you have done, however those are the lessons that you have to deal with in order to move on with your life.

All this leads to the question of what you are really doing and that is the most important karma issue of Saturn. The reality of your situation. In regard with who you are and what you want, what in Heaven’s name you are doing. Retro Saturn will demand a conscious outlook on your past actions and thinking about your current state of affairs from the perspective of reality. The reality check. What you can ask yourself is whether you have all the information, whether you are in the right frame of mind, whether you are being true to yourself, to people around you, whether you have realized your situation, whether you are being realistic about yourself.

Saturn will examine not only your conscious behavior but subconscious as well in order that you realize you own position because very often happens that subconscious behavior is contradictory with conscious and that we embark on problems in life or in business due to that discrepancy. Only by purifying your shadow, thinking about your own true motivation and analysis of your overall personality  through the prism of social interactions you get the clear picture on what you are really doing.

You would agree, only by being completely aware of yourself as a fact from realistic and essential point of view, you are being capable of controlling your own life and the outcome of your endeavors. When you accomplish your personal integration and individuate enough to answer those 3 seemingly simple questions to bring you harmony with the world, you become eligible to be successful and win in the arena of life. Bear in mind that “your thoughts become your actions, your actions your habits and your habits become your destiny.”

Up to 25th August there is only one thing left to do – RATIONALIZE!

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