Neptune Retrograde – Bubble Time


Neptune is considered to be the heightened vibration of Venus, however representing the realms of Poseidon influences the higher frequency of the soul thus putting dreams in the center of attention.

Higher perception of one’s own reality soon enough turns into moodiness and tranquility thus awakening the higher mind and the sophisticated comprehension of one’s own soul that now undergoes the transition into the world of subtle nuances transcending the practical everyday life. It is the time of re-examining the overall perception of reality thus shattering illusions or wishful thinking that has led you to a potential labyrinth of interpersonal relations. Neptune will demand facing one’s own dreams and self-awareness thus heightening the understanding of one’s own true self. It is a good time for creativity and the realization of projects that require the investment of talents, intuition, emotion and higher mind. Life might bring you back to a point where you have to understand things properly, see through lies and deceit, shatter illusions and put things right and this may come to you as a sort of awakening the spirit and hopefully setting free from self-restraint.

What you say to yourself on a daily basis is being defined by your understanding of the current state of affairs as well as your own true self. Neptune might tackle this issue for the sake of getting the right frame of mind and realizing your own dreams. The best thing you can get out of this transit is to create a bubble resistant to all the influences from the outside thus making your own world count the most where you might feel comfortable, safe and tranquil. Brooding over the forgotten parts of the soul that now might seek the fulfillment and overall emotion sleeping in your heart might eventually become conscious. Generally, raising awareness on your own soul, heart, dreams might be the fruit of this transit. Enjoy yourself and never stop reaching out for the truth thus allowing the higher guidance of faith to show you the light at the end of the tunnel– Its Bubble Time.

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