Uranus in Taurus – Awakening of the Soul


Starting from 15th May we are witnessing the transition of Uranus into the sign of Taurus for the next seven years whereupon there comes the new era for the planet Earth with slightly raised frequency and higher vibration for the sake of overcoming the old patterns of Taurus within the scope of tradition, realistic perception, values, sense of ownership, financial and material well-being.

Namely, it is considered the planet Earth is in the sign of Taurus and thus this transit brings the new vibration on Earth of higher intelligence and higher state of consciousness for the sake of finding the ways of protecting the nature, managing utilities, awakening of the higher mind for the sake of accomplishing universal standards of evaluation as the basic criteria in all earthly matters. It would be nice to see how discoveries of potential alien life may take the spotlight or just the technological-scientific breakthroughs might just reach the highly intelligent performance for the sake of simplifying the everyday life.

Whether the robotization, crypto-currency, digitalization, improvements within the area of financial transactions, real-estate issues, state-of –the-art technological discoveries within the area of managing resources of the planet, preservation of nature or its improved exploitation with cutting edge technology, genetic engineering, GMO food processing or exploration of space and galaxies it would most certainly influence the mind, higher frequencies of human perception, improvements within the system of values thus raising awareness on personal ownership in the sense of spiritual vs material gain. This being the manifestation of higher intelligence it is meant to be the way towards accomplishment of more comfortable and enjoyable life on one hand but as well the awakening the higher mind for the sake of accomplishing one’s own individuality. Generally, the Earth raises frequency and everybody should put an effort in keeping up the pace with new consciousness that requires agility and cultivated instinct in the world that is speeding up the motion of everyday life.

Overcoming boundaries, awakening from the shadow or expanding consciousness this would be the high time to free your mind, raise awareness on the importance of the individual freedom and self-governing for the sake of personal salvation. It is of the utmost importance to work out your own life issues for the sake of self-improvement by means of liberation from fear, racial or gender or any kind of prejudice,  personal complexes and thus clear the subconscious mind of the suppressed, accumulated experience of energetic burden that is no longer of use. The new time is coming whereupon it would be imperative to fix your own psychological issues for the sake of being able to govern one’s own life and attain freedom. If you don’t live your own dream, you will live someone else’s and what it takes to be individual enough to accomplish your own dream would be exactly  your own responsibility to comprehend your own individuality of purified shadow with respect to establishing the system of values tuned in to demands of the new time.

What is being offered is the new set of principles that overcomes religion and old concepts of belief systems, however mind you, God writes in the names of the saved ones in the Book of Life despite the new tendencies and make sure your name is in it.

What might tackle the massive population is the necessity of awakening from the instinctive, impartial convictions along with the set of prejudice, ego-centered cravings, deep-rooted complexes, will for power, masculine protest or various forms of demonstration of projected unresolved issues onto the world that undergoes the karma on governing entities and establishments thus challenging all the systems of thinking for the sake of finding resolution for improvements of life and salvation of mankind. This world will be saved by professionals only, so what people on a massive scale can do is exactly start with oneself and work out the way through personal and professional self-improvement in the quest for better life. By striving to be the best possible individual with regard to individual well-being that requires purification of shadow, awakening and self-improvement it would be the only way to find your expectations of good life fairly justified and your success long-lasting.

Uranus in Taurus might tackle those issues from the perspective of values and instigate the liberation from all the boundaries whatsoever however only through raising consciousness on the importance of tradition as a solid base for the upgrade of the state of mind in the sense of open mind, self-awareness and personal responsibility for one’s own well-being. The new age tendencies of unification of the world based on the universal principles allows the people to overcome conflicts as within oneself as well as within the society with the imperative of enabling every individual to create one’s own path towards success and happiness and providing enough freedom to do so with respect to one’s own sense of identity. We are citizens of the world God has offered salvation to and the salvation is free and is just a matter of choice. Spiritual empowerment through various new age techniques of energy sustainability and progress such as yoga, hypnotherapy, reconnection, theta healing,  in order to accomplish the peace of mind is also within the symbolism of this transit that requires dedication and conscious effort for the sake of attaining well-being and creating the bullet-proof aura of energetic habitus. Mind you, the healthy society depends on a healthy individual and the importance of what you intake within the scope of Taurus is a matter of self-awareness of one’s own responsibility for one’s own health, spiritually and physically. Mind you, whatever you intake spiritually or physiologically is what you have to accept consequences for in all the aspects of life. Uranus might awaken the necessity of connecting to Mother Earth for the sake of nurturing with good energy and the milk of nature so that spending time outside might be of the utmost importance as well as connecting to the roots, the ground, soil that vibrates in compliance with the soul. Also, the higher frequency of Earth might stimulate the awakening and the very connection with nature might prove to be uplifting and nurturing energetically stronger than before.

The new contemporary tendencies in the realms of Art might also be the subject to improvements and discoveries that might reveal beauty and enrich the soul with new insights and revelations.

Consequently, with all this mentioned above, the very sense of ownership would be directly in compliance with and with respect to all those investments made for the sake of the spiritual, energetic or material gain.  The very sense of ownership might be elevated to raised awareness on the importance of real values and individual power by means of healthy nourishment in the psychological as well as energetic sense for the sake of ultimately gaining material stability.

What makes the sense of ownership profoundly meaningful is what makes the best things in life that are completely free and those are the essential values of faith, love, culture, education, spiritual well-being as well as all the loved ones that fulfill the existence so that this transit might as well enable you to realize your own talents as well as natural aspirations towards success and happiness.

Uranus might tackle the issue of financial independence, entrepreneurship, booming of the crypto-currencies or any other form of online payments, financial liquidity or new, up-to-date contemporary means of trade

The first step on the path of the righteous warrior on the way of salvation in the world that celebrates the brave and the free in spite of all the lurking shadow traps would be predominantly the Awakening of the Soul.




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