Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – Freedom is not Free


The upcoming Eclipse in Aquarius on 27th July is a rare phenomenon in the sky since it represents the longest Eclipse in the Century. The impact that is going to provoke in the psyche might tackle the questions of personal freedom, independence, financial stability,  individual plans, aspirations, the feedback we get for everything we provide to the world, intimate cravings for love, attention and applause as well as the area of friendships and personal relations. What we do for that matter and how it reflects on people’s lives might depend on how intelligent you are to overcome the situation of the “blind spot” while looking at the rear view mirror of your life along with all the retro planets that prevent you from driving down the freeway safely on your way to making your dreams come true.  If you find yourself in the middle of a stressful situation, make sure you inform yourself thoroughly for the sake of clearing up the area and eventually getting what you want at no personal cost since this very Eclipse’s repercussions that are going to last for the next 6 months might remind you that “Freedom is not Free”.

The recent transition of Uranus into Taurus, that represents the sign of planet Earth might as well announce the beginning of the Age of Aquarius whereupon the individual freedom and personal independence represent the most important issue people crave for all around the world. On a massive scale the urge for independence is all so very prevailing in a way that new age demands require self-sustainability , self-reliability and self-sufficiency. We live in the era of selfies and the very position of Uranus in Taurus emphasized exactly the personal ownership, personal gain, personal independence and individual freedom. Requirements of the new age! However, only with respect to universal standards, global issues, environmental protection, the liberation from racial and gender prejudice, personal development and intensive self-improvement that liberates from underlying fear no longer of use. Now, the new challenge is “The Sun in your Eyes” and the new memes show dancing alien instead of the Statue of Liberty. Tune in and dance your way to the Age of Aquarius.

The very Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius occurs exactly in the Square with Uranus in Taurus conjoined with the planet Mars in the opposition with the Sun in Leo.  Mind you, that with the seeming transition of the fixed star Regulus, “the Heart of a Lion” into the sign of Virgo the civilization of the planet Earth is making a transition from the “old ego” to the “new ego” centrism. The accent is on awakening of the new man from the egg of 21st century just like on Salvador Dali’s painting, the man who is called upon to work for the community with respect to all the contemporary demands such as overcoming boundaries, but uniting in the quest for progress, self-improvement, salvation on a massive scale by protecting environment, overcoming gender, racial and other prejudice, freeing the mind from fear, complexes, fixations, suppressed emotions, difficult experiences through so many contemporary spiritual techniques such as yoga, reconnection, theta healing for the sake of improving health, everyday life and acquiring new healthy habits.

The very Eclipse position is close to the planet Mars in the Square with Uranus and opposition with Sun and it might test your intelligence in working out the best way in overcoming “the blind spot” situation in your rear view mirror of past in the light of so many retro planets thus stimulating you to drive safely in the process of awakening of the new man. You might feel edgy, impulsive, angry, instinctive, domineering being provoked by the potential conflicting tendencies but instead make sure you actually have all the information you need, clarify the misunderstanding, seek for what has been hidden from you, try to see the situation clearly, objectify, update your data base with all the news and events that have taken place before you actually make a hasty decision and find yourself within the “Sound and the Fury” scenario, that is very likely to happen.

Retro Neptune is calling  for disillusioning from vast network of lies and trickery in trine with Jupiter that shines the light of truth thus  justifying all your investments and bringing about revelations that are actually working in your favor if you are capable of handling the truth.

Every Eclipse brings the change of the trend so if you have been obsessed with how much you get, whether finances, love, attention, appreciation or any kind of feedback you think you deseerve, you might eventually realize you are actually getting more than it seems or you might finally obtain a sort of reward for all the invested efforts and vice versa if you have been convinced that you have been getting what you want, you might eventually realize you lack the feedback that you essentially want, all being caused by some change of trend, a trugger event that might provoke an impulsive reaction or an upheaval.

Anyhow, you might be challenged to cut loose from the entanglements relating your social background, business associates, love partnerships, friends thus being challenged to re-examine your plans, aspirations, business enterprises or simply make sure you avoid the financial loss due to the misunderstanding, complicated relations that you haven’t informed yourself thoroughly about that might provoke you to react impulsively or argumentatively. At   best, the position of Saturn in Capricorn provides a chance, meaning that with a good strategy and the right moves along with a successful update in order to avoid the “blind spot”, you might actually turn out to be a winner and successfully cash in everything that Jupiter in Scorpio is turning into a business, on your way to your own independence and freedom.

Namely, the position of Jupiter in Scorpio is currently offering the chance to make peace with your enemies by simply doing business with them whereupon you should find the mutual interest Saturn in Capricorn i.e. smart play might wisely turn out to be a good financial income.

In the psychodynamics this Eclipse might turn out to be a sort of turmoil in the next 6 months whereupon you should avoid being way too domineering or impulsive but you should try to be pragmatic and sensible and try to come up with a good strategy in securing your own freedom of action, personal gain, individual ownership. In the sense of apprehending and incorporating the real values into your own life, this Eclipse might trigger a sort of catharsis or a breakthrough if you manage to free your mind from self-imposed limitations, if you gather all the information you need, if you adjust to the universal standards and global criteria of the new age. The quest for personal independence and freedom as the demand of the contemporary age does not have to come at any personal cost if you clear your head, self-improve from fear, prejudice or complexes, purify the suppressed emotions and face your own heart and soul with what you really feel and desire. It is how you will manage to harmonize all your relationships and personal relations and establish healthy partnerships. You yourself hold the keys to your own individual freedom, this Eclipse might just remind you that it takes a personal investment into personal development and self-improvement to avoid the traps and live a healthy, successful, happy life. It takes securing your own assets, being productive, adjusting to the new times, realizing new age demands and applying them in your own business in order to gain financial independence. It takes a hard work with respect to most important assets i.e. energy and information. Arm yourself with both and keep investing in yourself, but also show gratitude for everything you have won.  Fight for your own self-realization. Work for your own freedom because Freedom is not Free.A

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