Solar Eclipse in Leo – Identity Check

The Solar Eclipse in Leo today is basically an urge for adjustment and tuning in to a new age that has its own demands and mostly tackles your sense of identity and independence.

The prevailing massage of this Eclipse would be that essentially you make that necessary affirmation of your own identity through what you do for a living due to the position of Saturn in the natural 6th house that seeks the saturation of your life’s purpose through your contribution to the community.

In case you might get a feeling of identity crisis in the following six months, you would have to answer yourself the most important questions such as “who am I”, “what do I want” and “what am I actually doing to get it” thus defining your ultimate goal in life as well as profiling your own sense of identity, your backbone of personality and your life purpose.

Bear in mind that your life choices define your own reality and make your world go around and it all emanates from self-awareness, self-love and self-respect that stem from the essential sense of self-worth. You are being challenged to realize your own sense of self-worth through establishing your set of values within the frame of new age demands. The most important lesson on the way is guarding the basic human dignity through some sort of a service to a community whereupon you are required to find purpose.

You have to be who you are after all and after so many life digressions you eventually get to a starting point unless you have your essential sense of identity firmly established in your consciousness. and generally you cannot run from yourself for who you are and what you do, being the best version of yourself through the necessity of constant personal and professional self-improvement up to a point of becoming a pro and finding ultimate higher  purpose in what you do for a living.

Now you are called upon to tune in to the new world of Uranus in Taurus that tackles the question of financial independence and universal values of the new age on your way to personal freedom that is now being an imperative in the times when you have to fully and exclusively rely on yourself. As the matter of fact, you decide who you are and you define your own choices you are responsible for that create your reality. Therefore this Eclipse raises awareness on your own choices that ultimately create your destiny.

This Eclipse might tackle the issues of your heart stimulating you to think about what you personally need to be happy and to fulfil your own heart through all those things you do for yourself every day. You might realize you are being individually responsible for your own sense of happiness through the set of habits you do every day that essentially create your behavior and ultimately form your character. In psychological terms character is the base of individual so called “destiny”. What you might realize if you look into a rear view mirror of your past in the light of the retrograde Mercury is your own responsibility for your past actions that has (or not) prevented you from being happy.

You might as well reach out and catch up with the truth of your heart from a while ago thus awakening the question if you have made the right turn some time in the past and found happiness or if you have demonstrated self-love, self-awareness or dignity enough to earn it. The Eclipse might also enforce you to question your choices regarding what you do for a living that saturates your sense of identity, self-respect and self-love and how that relates with the past of your personal and professional personal development. You might be called upon to make major decisions in the direction of your own self-improvement and personal realization.

You decide who you are, you decide what you want thus establishing a life goals in compliance with the new age of financial independence and self-sufficiency and self-reliability through universal values that have set perfection as the global standard a long time ago. The sense of unity and oneness with the world, yet being called upon to show your face on the world stage whereupon the  ingenious  Andy Warhol – the very Leo used to forese and that is – everybody being famous for 15 minutes sometime in the future – is clearly taking over and everybody is getting into the spotlight for who they are and what they have to offer to the world:

What takes for you to fully realize your own potential, make the right choices and find happiness is at this point the stage of a sort of Identity Check.

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