Mercury Retrograde in Virgo- Jet Pro

Mercury Retrograde  in Virgo -Professionalism will save the world

Being a Pro is not just a matter of work being well done, being a pro is a matter of character. Now that Mercury seemingly goes retrograde it’s time to pick up the pieces and work out all the little details and subtleties, dig out the forgotten bits and pieces that might hold significance to the layout of the game. Establishing the facts and checking upon what we already know would do miracles for God’s will provides this chance to establish the Truth. Make sure you  don’t miss anything, be thorough and systematic along with buiding  a solid   base in good faith and high morality for the benefit of the soul and mankind. You might as well find workable solutions and see the exit light after thinking it through.  Also, you might as well pick up where you have left or get to a point of re-examining what you already established as a fact, you might work out the already started undertaking or catch up with what is needed to go straight forward. In any case do not sign anything in the retrograde mode for you might as well change your mind later, whatever you plan to do now would be the time to work out the plan in details and jumpstart the game with intelligent moves or you just get to be done with answers. You have to be ready at least in your mindset after September 15,  Jet Pro is the name of the game.

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