Jupiter in Taurus- Simplicity is of the Greatest Sophistication

Jupiter in Taurus today and we might as well feel the mild, earthly energy with soothing soul flavor. Beauty, art, soul-searching, blessings, possessions, values, talents, food in-take, private business, sense of fulfilment, ownership, self-content, self-worth, whatever makes you feel you have in your life now gets to be blessed and uplifted in case you vibrate with Jupiterean energy of goodness and fairness. The exaltation of soul might bring special inspiration to all the artists and people into art and generally enhance the potential for creation. For everybody who have been wisely investing this teansit might bring fruition in the year to come. This Earthly energy of Taurus the very sign of Earth might as well bring the benevolent energy to Earthly dealings and issues of importance as a proof that aGod still guards the children who seek deliverance from the shaken and chaotic worldly happenings. Now would be the time to count on what is real, stable, proven, safe and grounded. Now would be the time to think rational, to be practical, to evoe tradition and classicism into a modern concepts of living. If simplicity is tbe greatest sophistication now would be the time to draw the line and settle all the complications into a simple, workable, practical solutions. Now would be the time to enhance the productivity and invest into the stable and secure business or art. Now would be the time to celebrate life, raw and naked, sensible and sensitive enough to male you feel satisfied. Jupiter in Taurus might as well enhance the joy if living at least as possible as it you live up to. Now would be the time to seek peace and reach zen when gentle white dove brings good news. Now would be the time to enjoy life a little mire if possible, just take care not to iverindulge in hedonism and earthly pleasures. Take care not to gain a few pounds if you don’t need and try to gain as mch love as possible for the capacity to love and talents also come into spotlight. Whatever you do try to bring beauty into it, try to be safe and sound, evoke the classical values into your every day life and feel the relief of the exalted soul in need for peace and quiet of hussle and bussle in contemporary world. Nowthe blessings work their way to you to sooth the soul, purify the body and clear your mind. Let’s pray and manifest goodness of life for God to deliver us from the perverted matrix. Purity of mind, body and soul will keep us safe.. God bless!

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