Blue Moon in Pisces – Feeling Blue

Blue Moon in Pisces – When reality rings the bell in the form of prevailing emotion thus enabling us to comprehend in silence the realities of our lives. Dive into the sea of the soul to find the truth as a solid base to build upon your dreams. What you know and what you have gained calls for understanding in the higher perspective of what is really going on thus sobering the world of fantasy into a feeling of undeniable, substantial and grounded reality of the soul in the form of experienced hunch and profound sensation of what passed the test of sustainability and grounding in reality. Fantasizing doesn’t seem to be comforting nowadays yet facing with the facts of hard-core truth if not logically at least whole-heartedly. This pearl of wisdom of Blue Moon in Pisces is hidden beneath the remains of the past and provides the guiding light towards the release, putification, washing away with tears of Heavenly comfort that after all the karma cycles everybody finds the right way. For all who already are on the right track this Blue Moon will provide answers from in-depth comprehension , humility, compassion and higher understanding of mysterious ways of God enough to provide disclosure on the most important answers to the question if lessons have been learnef, This Blue Moon is a great opportunity to make peace with yourself, exercize forgiveness and find the pearl of Truth. It’s good to feel blue for it’s where all the wisdom comes from. Seek answers and you shall find. It’s important to figure out what is right thing to do. It’s when God asks – okay how do you feel about your life? And if you deel good does it make you right.

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