Mars Square Saturn – Stumbling on Karma


The enclosing Mars Square Saturn planetary aspect in the sky is already in effect and it lasts up to the end of January. You might have already noticed some sort of a reality rock that keeps blocking your current action whereas essentially, you are stumbling on your Karma. Whatever you plan doing, now is not the time for action but for re-examining your conscience and playing your cards right on the social scene by communicating on what really matters to you by emphasizing your best assets. Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! – the summoning members of the jury on the social scene might as well channel your credits by putting them on the right place through justification of your deeds  or at least you stand the chance of washing away your conscience through social interactions and publicity as well as partnerships. In any case your own social credits as well as partnership credits might be judged for your benefit through communication and personal confession.  However that doesn’t tackle the problem of purifying your karma, the process purposefully conveyed through intensive self-improvement and becoming a better person for the sake of your own benefit.

Examine your past behavior and ask yourself if you could have been more true to yourself, to your Soul, to God. Think about what you could have done better and you will find an answer to your burning question. If you are looking for a resolution, the Uranus Trine Saturn might appear to provide it through taking the matters into your own hands and relying exclusively on yourself for the sake of accomplishment. However, don’t act too soon.

Mars in Pisces is at the moment “spellbound” with the inability of expressing the demonstration of power but rather passive-aggressive and inactive but before you diagnose yourself with low self-esteem or aroused frustration, Mars Square Saturn is all about, make sure you have worked out your way through your personal entanglements by means of personal introspection for the sake of finding the key points that have brought you to a point where you are now. Now is the time for yoga, meditation, relaxation, art and summoning the resources by reaching decisions on what you have to do to make things right. Or at least bring it up to comprehension of what you have to change about yourself for the sake of becoming unmistakable since your mistakes are exactly what you are stumbling upon right now.

There are also the global implications of your current state of affairs since the world is in the middle of ongoing process of cross-examination from a karmic point of view for the sake of maintenance of the best possible establishments or re-building new establishments with respect to “old school values”, whereupon the modern conceptualization of society, culture and art goes well in hand with the outcome of the global Karma Lesson – the transformation of consciousness for the sake of taking personal initiative, individual efforts and self-reliance in the quest for personal success and happiness. The Global Karma Grind has reached the point whereas in the black and white paradigm there is only one way out – the one with God. Regardless of politics, propaganda, social and cultural aspirations, the key issue of the personal survival would be embracing the personal truth as well as the truth of the world from your individual perspective that enables you to create, work and function in your own individual microcosm for only through the accomplishment of a healthy individuated personality you establish the healthy cell of the society through means of education, personal and professional development and hard work. The real question is not what the world can do for you, but what you can do for the world. Most importantly what you can do for yourself.

If you take an attitude like this, you are more likely to succeed through the Uranus Trine Saturn constellation and start off working out on your projects first thing February along with Mars in Aries, the pioneer of Zodiac no matter how grand your project might be now that Jupiter is Square Pluto. At least make sure it’s legal. Now that Mars Square Saturn is tying your feet preventing you to make a breakthrough for the reasons that are about to be clarified before yourself as well as the world you seek justification from, you might just feel like Stumbling on Karma.




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