The Year of the Rooster – Stand Out and Cut it Loose!



On the eve of the Year of the Rooster we are witnessing the transition from high-pitched frequency of tricky overturns and flow dynamics of the Year of the Monkey into a benevolent, messy, good-hearted, however eager-for-spotlight Rooster who might just provide a chance for you to show your best enough to have a sense of accomplishment after all. You will probably have your shot to make a difference in your life by accomplishing what really matters to you in the sense of personal realization.

At least, you might raise awareness on your own personality for what it is and face reality from your ego-centered perspective of your overall personal accomplishment. This unique pioneering energy prone to leadership and taking initiative in resolving personal issues might as well lead you all the way up to so indispensable self-awareness in the process of individuation and self- realization. You guess right – it is the time to wake up from lulling illusions, self-comforting prejudice, self-justifying vanity, the shadow-inertia of suppressed fear or a complex preconditioning your instinctive reactions that has put you in trouble in the first place and face the reality of your dream within the realms of actual accomplishments thus re-examining the real values of your good heart that has been waiting to be fulfilled.

The “hunger games” of 21st Century have been rather exhausting and uncompromising for a few years now, however this year the mild, benevolent Rooster might just allow you to regain the personal power energetically as a feedback for your professional investments, hard-work and efforts at least as an appreciation from people you hold in respect or affection. Professionally, Roosters seem to strive to be organized and efficient, however not fully appreciated and often underestimated for the messy, easily-distracted and vulnerable character due to the fact that they allow emotions to interfere into the professional life or to inflict the inappropriate reactions in the professional surroundings. This exactly might be your lesson in the year of the Rooster – organize in time, think thoroughly, professionalize up to a point of reasoning in the sphere of interests based on your professional demands.

The overall crisis of the contemporary world in the battlefield of a kind of karmic cross-examination nevertheless attains the same standards of perfection only possible to accomplish through utmost, high-profile professionalism so make sure you invest your energy into self-improvement, personal development and education before you take place in the spotlight this Rooster is eager to drive you upon. Make sure what you have to offer is subsided by the high quality of performance since this is the shot you don’t want to miss enough to stand out above the crowd.

This is the ideal year for all the public personalities to come out with new projects, gain popularity and spread the message of importance for a better world so make sure you take initiative and prove your point when you are being asked to.

Now is the time to make a public contribution and make a difference for the chances are you will be heard. However, there might also be a challenge this year since in the image of everybody taking stand and advocating their own point of view it might as well provoke an atmosphere of arguments and misunderstanding. The point is to avoid the Babylon scenario of everybody speaking their own language without understanding each other as a sort of  a punishment from God in the quest for reaching the top of the game, but instead start your own professional development. Instead of questioning others start questioning yourself, instead of criticizing start improving, instead of imposing your own standards as a rule make sure they are fully deprived of prejudice, greed, fear or violence, instead of procrastinating and waiting for business offers to come to you, go out there and offer what you have got to share with the rest of the world.

In the sphere of personal lives, intimacy and personal cravings the Rooster might calm you down, comfort you and refresh you with good energy enough to find balance in your partnerships more easily, establish connections in a more relaxed manner and people generally might turn out to be more sociable and ongoing than usual, reestablishing some social relations, communicating and expressing emotions more easily and therefore starting relationships in a more spontaneous manner. It is a good year for coupling, partnerships, marriages since the energy of the heart is at its best due to the fact that Roosters are good hearted, warm creatures that drive people to romanticism, cuddling, love and romance, seduction and playfulness, It might be a great year for winning somebody over, picking up where you have left, reconciliation with friends and people that you have had some misunderstandings with. The chances are that you might finally get understood for the benevolence of energy, forgiveness and good-heartedness of the character of the Year.

Spiritually, there is a special dimension of the Year of the Rooster that might represent the crucial moment in your life for the sake of accomplishing inner peace, self-awareness and balance in your life and that is the “waking-up” dimension.

As K.G. Jung has pointed out, what lurks in the “Shadow” in the form of fears, tough memories of the childhood, complexes, difficult experiences that have been suppressed in the subconscious some time ago defines the conscious behavior and unless you purify the soul from all of it, raise awareness and wake up from the shadow that defines you, you experience various “blows of destiny”, basically preconditioned by your own fixations in the sub-consciousness.

When you choose to be positive and embrace the baby-guidance of your own spiritual self, to start feeding the wolf of love, express forgiveness and self-forgiveness, avoid being judgmental and self-judgmental, overcome your fears from whatever you are being troubled with, open your mind and release yourself from personal prejudice thus embracing cultural relativism, when you realize that you are only a citizen of the world and fully responsible for who you are today, when you overcome the old patterns of induced limitations and divisions and learn to appreciate the planet and everything that dwells on it, you will experience the breaking free from the “shadow”, liberate from self-imposed walls and become truly free. The only freedom you need is the freedom from your own self, freedom from your own “shadow”. It is the only way to create the free world or at least to attain the freedom of the world that now inverses love with hatred.

Freedom and happiness arise from self-awareness, self-acceptance and intensive individuation being an accomplishment no leader can bring to you on a silver plate. It is something that you have to do for yourself and the “Rooster” being an ornament on so many churches non-accidentally, predominantly calls for awakening, raising awareness, calls for rising a new dawn of civilization whereupon the remembrance of the personal salvation has always been the most important issue. It is your choice what to do about it.
The call of the Year of the Rooster: Stand Out and Cut It Loose!

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