Jupiter in Sagittarius – Blessed are the Wise


Jupiter has just commenced the transit through Sagittarius and in the following year time the world stands a challenge to raise the level of comprehension, draw the moral of the story within this global Babylon narrative and ultimately gain wisdom for the sake of finding the Saving Grace. This time around the little philosopher in every single one of us has something to say for the sake of improvement of the way of life, general perspective and the world in desperate need for consolation. Everybody who seeks after an explanation, the reasons and answers to burning questions will be challenged to look into the heart of the matter from the perspective of higher wisdom. For the sake of articulation of gained experience in the twelve-year-cycle there lies the challenge of acquiring proper education thus tracking the reliable source and ultimately getting back to Bible in the quest for the Holy Grail. The treasury of wisdom – The Holy Grail is exactly what you might discover this year, or at least you will be called forth to do so, for the sake of finding your own Saving Grace in the battlefield of life. Now is the time to face your own conscience and tackle the ethical dimension of your very existence thus finding the moral of your own story.  It is your choice whether to take this unavoidable step towards your own salvation or not, in the light of the development that will surely categorize you in the times to come. Mind you that the world is being exposed to the extremes of ongoing tendencies whereupon only one way is the right way. It is your choice whether to do what is right or not.

This kind of “spiritual disposition” whereupon you might find a consolation, explanation, resolution if you will should expand the horizons, awaken the “higher self”, raise awareness on the spiritual well-being and the importance of the spiritual maintenance of the mankind. At least for this year around the establishments of the roots of the intellectual elite are being called to provide the directions and the knowledge indispensable in the quest for a better world. The essential inversion on a massive scale that has reversed the traditional values and the way of the world might polarize the extremes to a measure of Biblical proportion whereupon the “wise” will be blessed enough to  witness the signs of the times through science, art and culture as ambassadors of universal values and ultimately guide the righteous part of the humanity towards personal wisdom while the rest of the world will be challenged to improve, educate and liberate from snares of the shadow. This Jupiter in Sagittarius will uplift the spiritual existence of humanity for the sake of raising awareness on the importance of awakening from the shadow of the dark unconscious that drowns the very principles of reason in the contemporary world until it is being enlightened. This time around only those who seek wisdom might stand the chance of being blessed and enjoy the benefits of Jupiter – the Godly influence in people. It seems that the only way to save the world would be to save yourself from your own shadow and this particular transit will challenge you to do so, being the sheer evidence of God’s faith into people in the world where people lose faith in God Himself. With this transit the Gracious are the wise.

This transit might reveal how far you have roamed from The Truth and whether you have been disillusioned and sobered in the reality of your life.  You might be challenged to face the truth with the incoming new information or you might be forced by the circumstances to be true to yourself and wake up from the comforting self-deception, you will be altogether altogether called up to do.  The precious Truth might provide the direction to go, the resolution or a comfort.

Entangled in your personal battles, you will be challenged to understand your situation from a higher perspective and make necessary affirmations of your own conscientious lectures resulting from your own experience. If you face your conscience you will find the wisdom that will represent the light at the end of the tunnel of your life as a sign that God has not given up on you. Ask yourself whether you have done the right thing, whether your motives are pure, whether you deserve what you wish for, whether you are being honest with yourself. Ask yourself whether you  might educate for what you want to become, whether you do what you should for what you want to accomplish, whether you are being true to yourself. Ask yourself what has put you where you are now, who you have become and what you can do to become who you want to be. Ask yourself what is your lesson and where your place is. If not, you will probably see yourself running in circles until you decide to do so. This transit is the chance to make things right and earn the God’s Grace in doing so but only through honest consideration of your motives, deeds and intentions. Mind the prize since this time around The Blessed are the Wise.




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